GOT7's New Self-Produced Full-Length Album, "Breath of Love: Last Piece", is Finally Released!

GOT7's New Self-Produced Full-Length Album,

“Breath” - After a long hiatus, GOT7 came out with their first title track as a pre-release single, and it became an instant hit! Their MV for "Breath" even surpassed 10 million views in just a little over 24 hours! With the track’s ongoing success, and even with the song's sound alone, GOT7 made it very clear that they are back and are better than ever. This catchy pop track, with a touch of whistling, truly showcases GOT7’s fun and unique sound, and that every member in this group has vocals that can melt our hearts. Producer Ars (Youngjae) has definitely made one of the catchiest, and honestly, one of the best songs of 2020.

“LAST PIECE” - The second title track off of GOT7’s new album shows how the intricacies of blending different genres of music can become one amazing song. This track truly exhibits GOT7’s dynamic sound, and of course, Producer DEFSOUL (JB) is the only one who could have crafted this masterpiece.

“Born Ready” - Since “Hard Carry” is still a very popular song out of GOT7’s discography, Mark wanted to recreate that same spirit and vibe within the new album, so he incorporated a song that he produced for the group that focused on that. With “Born Ready”, he was able to achieve that same spirit and vibe, while also displaying the group’s maturity in their musicality. This track perfectly sums up GOT7’s increasing global popularity, and that every member in GOT7 was meant to be in this group, and that they were meant to create was their destiny. With their outstanding musical and artistic abilities, GOT7 was born ready to dominate music charts all over the world.

“SPECIAL” - Produced by Jackson, this track’s incredible all-around composition, beat, and arrangement, perfectly embodies the true love that GOT7 has for Ahgases. The way that the slow tempo flows with that upbeat rhythm -- wow, this song was mind blowing! This song is definitely something special!!

“WAVE” - Just like every other song Jinyoung has produced, this track amazingly captures the listeners’ ears. Through the calm melody and the warm vocals, he was able to find a way to connect with the listener on a level that you just can’t explain -- I just know that this song has so much heart in it! And the line, “We’re riding through this wave / We’re laughing through the pain”, is so good!!

“Waiting For You” - This track definitely gives off that smooth vibe that BamBam is known for, but because this track is sung by all of the members of GOT7 -- wow, it truly became a powerful ballad that displays the emotionality of each member clearly. The vocals in this song are beyond amazing!

“Thank You, Sorry” - This is a very nice, soothing, and soft-listening track that was produced by GOT7’s maknae, Yugyeom. This track is a song that will captivate your heart and soul, but will also leave you with a peaceful mind. With a touch of indie and R&B, this is a perfect song to listen to when you are driving along the coast when the sun is setting.

“1+1” - With a softer upbeat sound, this track just makes you want to smile. That’s how good this song is! :)

“I Mean It” - If you’re looking for a song that describes that fresh and brand new feeling of love, this song is it! It’s so uplifting to hear, even if you’re still waiting for the right person to come along.

“We Are Young” - From the flow of the vocals to the rapping, as well as from the melody and arrangement of the beats, this song is the perfect embodiment of GOT7’s musical abilities and team dynamic. This was the perfect song to wrap up their whole album.

Let’s look at the achievements they’ve had so far!

Even though GOT7's new full-length album just came out earlier today, they are already setting new records as a group! I hope they are able to gain more recognition for their outstanding music.

GOT7, hwaiting! <3

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