Hang out with Red Velvet's Yeri in her new reality show "Yeri's Room"

Hang out with Red Velvet's Yeri in her new reality show

Red Velvet Yeri has come back with a new upcoming reality show called "Yerihan Bang" (which translates to "Yeri's Room"). The show is on the Dumdum studio channel on Youtube. The concept of "Yeri's Room" is a visual radio show where Yeri is the host and interviews her celebrity friends such as Twice's Nayeon, SNSD's Yuri, Wonder Girls Yubin, etc. She also does fun activities with them, like cooking or painting. Yeri's energetic and charismatic personality makes the show worth watching.


Twice's Nayeon was Yeri's first guest to appear in "Yeri's Room." Both idols proved to their fans that they are indeed best friends. It was surprising to see how close they are. Their sweet relationship made the episode fun to watch. Yeri asked a lot of questions about how they met and their first impressions of each other. The following episode is a cooking show where Yeri and Nayeon made kimbap and baked cookies together.


Yeri's reunites with her SM family member, Yuri, from Girl Generation. Both of the girls had the chance to catch up on what they are up to these days. Yuri also has a cooking channel on Youtube, where she posts videos of her cooking various dishes. It is fun to watch Yuri learn and grow as a cook. Her channel shows how she is passionate about the arts of cooking. It is definitely worth checking out.


After Red Velvet's long hiatus, Irene and Seulgi made their first comeback as a unit. Three of the members reunited and talk about Irene and Seugii's new song, "Monster." It is lovely to see the girls reminisce about their days as trainees.


Dumdum studio has curated a playlist of episodes on their Youtube channel. Make sure to check out "Yeri's Room" and let us know which episode is your favorite in the comments!


Feature image: Dumdum Studio

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