The Summer 2020 Daebak Box: In Review

The Summer 2020 Daebak Box: In Review - The Daebak Company

Wonder no longer! Now that the Fall 2020 Daebak Box is preparing to be rolled out, we are here to reveal the contents of what may have been included in your Summer 2020 Box! This was such a fun box to create, and we know that the reception of its appearance and contents had a similar response! The products ranged from items to be used at the dinner table, the makeup studio, your writing desk, and even outdoors – keep reading to see our review for each surprise product! The items you see below were subject to different styles and variations, all of which are #DAEBAK!


At The Daebak Company, we were so excited to make custom chopsticks for our subscribers to use every day (especially when eating Korean food!). This sleek metal set comes in a pouch that makes the utensils easy to bring on the go. This item is also special because it is an environmentally-friendly alternative to disposable utensils. These were handy for enjoying the cheesy, pillowy cup of tteokbokki also included in the box - read more about it here!

This snack brings so much to the game: it satisfies lovers of Korean cuisine, appeals to cheese fanatics, is simple to prepare, and easy to customize! We are so excited to share this item with our subscribers - it is such an enjoyable dish.


The sea breeze ... the sunshine ... the smell of flowers and orange farms ... woah, are we in Jeju? This Le Plein fabric spray could fool you with its refreshing scent of the Jeju Island morning breeze. Fabric sprays are becoming very popular in South Korea, as they allow a more subtle but long-lasting fragrance to linger on your fabrics. This can be used on your outfit of the day, your sofa, your blankets, or even in the air to freshen up a room! This scent will transport you to a vacation filled with waterfalls, sandy beaches, and fragrant air.


This box delivered a variety of summer stationery, and we are absolutely obsessed with the designs. Shil Note from i-style is known for curating an array of designs, and these colorful scenery stickers exude bright summer energy. The Summer Daebak Box included four packs of design stickers with monochrome-themed summer scenes, Shil Note's "Sunset" stationery set, and a "Made in Korea" stationery set. There are also more surprise stationery items in each box!

The 'Sunset' stationery set is giving us peachy 1970s hippie vibes. From the symbolic "peace" dove to the sticker for the "love" sign in American Sign Language, this set will make a groovy addition to any scrapbook.

The 'Made in Korea' set includes a notebook with various Hangul consonant letters, cherry blossoms, and a red name seal (which is traditionally stamped on official Korean documents). The sheet of stickers has images ranging from wooden masks to a Korean hanbok tie. This set of stickers covers different aspects of Korean history that can adorn your journals, letter, or wherever you decide!


Wiggle Wiggle is a Korean brand known for being fun, colorful, and witty, and this enamel pouch definitely lives up to its colorful trademark! This pouch is the perfect size to serve as a pencil case, makeup bag, or a kit for any of your smaller essential items! To make it even better, this product's exterior is water-resistant, so you don't have to worry about leaving it on your sink while you do your makeup, or by the pool to hold your sunscreen. These came in a variety of colors and textures, and we hope that you guys loved them as much as we did! This bag is well-designed, sturdy, and will make an excellent companion on your summer vacations - thanks Wiggle Wiggle!


Duft and Doft is truly the definition of superior Korean skin and body care. All products are thoughtfully made without harmful chemicals, synthetic dyes, or parabens. Although the brand's name means "Fragrance and Fragrance" in German and Swedish, this product has a very light and refreshing scent, and the formula blends naturally into the skin. The sun's harsh rays during the summer months can cause serious UV damage to people of all skin types and backgrounds, so this product was carefully chosen to provide the highest quality protection to our subscribers. This sunscreen has a Protection Grade of PA++++, which indicates extremely high UVA protection. It also has a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 50+, which blocks out over 98% of potential damage from UVB rays onto the applied area.


Iced Tea is a summer staple. The allure of a chilled beverage only gets stronger as the temperature increases, and we wanted to include something to quench that summer thirst. One of my favorite summer treats to order at a Korean cafe is a refreshing glass of peach iced tea, but you can make your own at home! Simply mix a packet with water, stir in some ice, and then commence relaxation: this drink will make you want to kick your feet up and take a break from the summer swelter. Peaches are in season in Korea right now, so this is a perfect taste of the peninsula during these months! This beverage is as refreshing as it is delicious, and we highly recommend making yourself a glass any time of the day.


This Etude House Moistful Collagen Emulsion applies like a light lotion and has a fresh, subtle scent. Korean skincare has a positive reputation around the world for a reason, and it boils down to making high-quality formulas that produce results. Collagen is a very important type of protein in the body, and it can be obtained through a variety of foods like eggs, fruits, and broths. However, when applied directly to the skin, it will make your complexion glow! This product is one of the ways to achieve skin that is brighter, healthier, more hydrated, and more supple.


Anyone who is obsessed with Blackpink knows about the YG Entertainment company, and may even know that YG has branched into cosmetics with the Moonshot brand. The brand delivers a self-proclaimed "beauty playground," and we could not agree more! Moonshot offers high-quality foundations, eyeshadow palettes, skincare, and more! When we saw that this cream fit paint tint was Blackpink Lisa's product pick, we knew we had to include one of these in the Summer Box! The shades of this product are warm and vibrant, and the shades range from juicy orange (orange hunter) to deeper floral tones (rosy claret). If you missed the chance to get this in the most recent Daebak Box, don't worry! We are selling a limited edition "Lisa's pick" collection while supplies last, so get yours here!


The ladies of Blackpink are taking over the world with their music and modeling, and it's no surprise why - these women have major star power. Fans of K-pop will recognize photo cards as an important collectible for following a group, and we think Lisa looks stunning in these Moonshot photo cards. A native of Thailand, Lalisa Manoban has gained worldwide popularity due to her impressive rapping, her gorgeous looks, bright personality, and especially her showstopping dancing. We are excited for those subscribers who received a random Lisa photocard to begin or continue their journey as a "Blink" (that's the name for Blackpink's fans!).

Thank you so much to our Daebak Box subscribers! We are so happy to have you in the #DaebakFamily, and we hope that you loved this box as much as we loved making it!

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