Everything We Love About ASTRO Moon Bin!

Everything We Love About ASTRO Moon Bin! - The Daebak Company

There’s no doubt that ASTRO Moon Bin is extraordinarily talented, with his talents spanning singing, songwriting, and acting. Moon Bin made his debut with ASTRO under Fantagio entertainment as the centre, main dancer, and lead vocalist… but before this, he debuted as a child model, ulzzang, and actor!

From pre-debut to present, continue reading, as today we will be talking about everything we love about ASTRO Moon Bin!

Everything We Love about ASTRO Moon Bin

Born on January 26th, 1998, Moon Bin (aka Puppycat) made his debut as a child model, ulzzang, and actor from a young age. He was famously a child model and popularly known on the internet for his ulzzang status. His popularity only increased when he starred as the younger version of U-Know Yunho in the music video for TVXQ’s Balloons.

Later on, Moon Bin made his acting debut in the kdrama we all know about, Boys Over Flowers as the younger version of Kim Bum’s character.

Watch this clip below of Moon Bin’s acting in Boys Over Flowers


Shortly after this, Moon Bin joined Fantagio Entertainment as a trainee when he was in fifth grade which resulted in him debuting in the kpop group ASTRO, which AROHA (ASTRO’s fans) are so grateful for!

ASTRO Moon Bin debuted in the 6-member kpop group ASTRO consisting of MJ, JinJin, Cha Eunwoo, Moon Bin, Rocky, and Sanha.

Check out some ASTRO official kpop merch below.

From here, Moon Bin once again proved his talents as an all-round entertainer and was announced as the main host for the first two seasons of The Ultimate Watchlist.

…Yes that was a lot to process haha!

Now onto some interesting facts that AROHAs love!

Interesting Facts about Astro Moon Bin That Fans Love

1. ASTRO Moon Bin can play the piano.

...He is just filled with talents!

2. His favourite colour is black.

Mine too, Moon Bin!

3. He loves American football and watches the NFL games.

4. His hobby is playing video games.

5. ASTRO’s Moonbin is also a good friend of BTS’ Jungkook, and they met through KNK’s Seungjun during ISAC.

We love it when our favourite kpop idols are friends with each other! Check out Kpop Idol Friends: Besties In Real Life Behind the Camera for more endearing friendships in the kpop idol industry!

6. The foods that Moonbin dislikes are fish, egg yolk, and tofu.

A photo of ASTRO Moon Bin Eating
Instagram ​​@moon_ko_ng

7. If ASTRO Moon Bin wasn't an idol, he'd be an athlete such as a swimmer!

A photo of ASTRO Moon Bin by a swimming pool
Instagram @moon_ko_ng​​

We know this list can go on forever- there’s so much that fans love about Moonbin! Those were some of the many points that make us glad that Moon Bin has chosen to become the actor and k-pop idol that he is and share his great talent with the world.

Before we end this article, lets watch ASTRO’s Candy Sugar Pop music video together!

What did you think of today’s article? Comment down below which interesting fact about ASTRO Moon Bin you love the most!

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