5 Must Try Spring Break Activities While You're in Korea 2022

5 Must Try Spring Break Activities While You're in Korea 2022 - The Daebak Company

Hello Daekbak Fam! One of the many things that Korea has to offer is the changing of the seasons, spring being one of the prettiest times of the year. Here are 5 things to do in Korea during the spring. 

Everland Tulip Festival

What other better way to celebrate the arrival of spring other than to look at some blooming flowers? If you are a fan of flowers and particularly tulips, then you must check out the Tulip Festival held at Everland! Tulips, roses, azaleas and many more types of flowers cover the theme park’s grounds. In addition, you can watch the springtime parades and performances. For prices and open times check out their official site here.

Taen Tulip Festival fun Spring activities to do in Seoul

Cheongsando Island

Cheongsando Island is also a popular springtime destination for Koreans. One particularly unique activity to enjoy is the annual Slow Walking Festival which occurs every April. People who participate in this festival are encouraged to walk around the island slowly to take in the natural beauty and incredible scenery the island has to offer. Check out their official tourism site for more information. 

Chongsando Island recommended for fun spring activities in Seoul with Slow Walking Festival

Cherry Blossom Festivals

Spring is when the cherry blossoms come out to play in Korea! There are several places to see these beautiful flowers, including in the bustling city of Seoul. However, one of the best places to see these cherry blossoms in full bloom is by the Han River in Yeouido. Not only are you surrounded by cherry-blossoms, but many vendors sell cherry-blossom themed snacks and other goodies. Another extremely popular cherry festival is held in Jinhae (in the Gyeongsang-do province). In fact, it is the largest festival in the country. Some other festivals worth checking out include the Gyeongju, Hwagae, and Gyeongpo cherry blossom festivals. Check out more festivals here

Seoul activities in spring like seeing cherry blossoms in Yeouida and Han River

Taean Tulip Festival

Another noteworthy place to see some more tulips is at the Taean Tulip Festival. In fact, this is an award winning festival. The Taean Tulip Festival was named one of the top 5 tulips festivals In the world by the World Tulip Summit Society. Tulips are used to illustrate works of art and this in and of itself serves as an art work. These masterpieces are truly breathtaking and we highly recommend you go look at the flowers for yourself! More information available on their site here

Taean Tulip Festival in South Korea for fun spring activities


Last but not least, another fun activity to do is to dress up in hanboks and walk around on the old palace grounds of Gyeongbokgung. It almost feels like you’re transporting back in time. There are several places around the place that offer services to help transform you into the prince or princess of your dreams. You can even get your hair and makeup done! Once you are fitted with the picture-perfect hanbok, you can walk around and take in the views and take pictures. See more here

Gyeongbokgung in Seoul for fun spring activities

There is so much to do and explore around Korea during the springtime. Is there anything that you would like to check out? Want a taste of spring? Check out this season's Daebak Box to get a piece of Jeju Island with you!



Spring Daebak Box 2022


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