Chilling with Chilsung Cider

Chilling with Chilsung Cider - The Daebak Company

Chilsung Cider is called the "Sprite of Korea,"  a lemon-lime-flavored carbonated soft drink that is quite refreshing!

The taste is slightly different from the American Sprite, which makes sense as even normal drinks and food are slightly different between countries to suit the taste buds of the demographic. For example, the Coca-Cola from the U.S. will have a slightly different taste from the ones from Korea, China, Japan, etc. Therefore, in order to broaden your palate and try new things, be sure to try Chilsung Cider or even just different soft drinks from different countries!

Don’t worry about scavenging around to find this delightful beverage! Chilsung Cider is quite popular and in abundance. When going to a Korean convenience store or just about any restaurant, the possibility of you finding a can or cup of Chilsung Cider is high.

Try to get your hands on the “Sprite of Korea,” see your thoughts on it, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Written by Catherine Tai

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