Korean Variety Shows to Watch During the Holidays

Korean Variety Shows to Watch During the Holidays - The Daebak Company

Winter is finally here! We hope everyone is staying safe for the holidays. The cold winter weather is keeping everyone home, but that does mean it has to be boring. We have compiled a list of chill 5 Korean variety shows to watch on a snowy or a chill day. Make sure to grab a cup of hot chocolate and invite a friend to watch these chill variety shows!

Hyori's Homestay


Hyori’s Homestay (also known as Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast) is perfect for watching at home! The reality TV show was first aired in 2017 in South Korea and came back for a second season in 2018. Lee Hyori, an icon in the K-pop world, and her husband Lee Sang-soon make their house from Jeju as a bed & breakfast where people can stay and explore the island. What makes the show worth watching is the interaction between celebrities and non-celebrity people. The first season features IU, one of the most successful singers in Korea. The second season features Yoona from Girls Generation and Park Bogum.

Youn's Kitchen


Unfortunately, traveling during the pandemic is not ideal, but that does not mean you can’t watch Youn’s Kitchen! The South Korean reality travel show follows the cast on their journey to Spain, opening a pop-up Korean restaurant for a few days. It is interesting to see well-known actors and actresses in the entertainment industry, working together to share Korean food with foreigners. The show has two seasons and is coming back for season 3 in 2021.

Little Forest


One of the cutest reality show ever created! Little Forest is a South Korean entertainment program starring Lee Seo-Jin, Lee Seung-gi, Park Na-Rae, and Jung So-min. The show centers around the cast running a daycare for kids in the middle of the woods. It is a heartwarming show that will leave you crying and smiling at the same time.

Because I Want to Talk


If you are a fan of Lee Dong Wook, the show is perfect for you! Lee Dong Wook is now a host of his variety show alongside comedian Jang do Yeon. Dong Wook invites various celebrities to come and talk about in-depth topics related to the guest. A personal favorite episode would have to be BoA’s talking about her career. Dong Wook is a fascinated host and truly cares about creating real content for the audience.

Village Survival, the Eight


One of the most iconic variety shows that came out in 2018! Village Survival, the Eight is a mystery thriller variety show set in the countryside of South Korea. The cast has to solve a mystery that is in the village for 24 hours. It is a perfect show to binge-watch when you want to have a good laugh during the holidays. The show has a fantastic cast with well-known artists and entertainers like Jennie from Blackpink, Song Kang, Im Soo Hyang, Son Dambi, Yoo Jae Suk, and many more.

What is your favorite Korean variety show? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Holidays from The Daebak Company!

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