The Only Winter Snacks You Need According to Stray Kids

The Only Winter Snacks You Need According to Stray Kids - The Daebak Company

JYP’s latest debuted male idol group, Stray Kids, has got it all—insane talent (they co-write and co-compose all their music), a growing fanbase (hi STAY!), and apparently the hookup on the very best winter snack goods.

In a mukkbang of the century disguised as a VLIVE, published last February, Stray Kids revealed their favorite winter snacks. While their list isn’t very extensive, it does include some staples and even a surprise or two that the boys make look super delicious. 


Hoppang is a steamed bun filled with sweetened red bean paste, and it’s delicious! Lee Know even recommends dipping parts of the bun into the red bean paste so that it’s more evenly distributed—absolute genius! Hoppang is also supposedly Changbin’s fave, so say no more, I’ll take 50, please!


While I’ve only tried odeng (or fishcakes) once, once was enough to understand why everyone loves this dish. Warm potato-y fishy goodness; it’s a no brainer that fishcakes made Stray Kids’ list.


Bungeoppang is probably the most fun snack in existence. Not only is it shaped like a fish, it’s filled with all sorts of fun fillings in flavors like matcha, chocolate, and vanilla. Eating, ‘gramming, and playing with this snack never gets old!

Ice Cream

Surprise! While I can eat ice cream any season—because ice cream is life—this snack might be surprising to those who prefer their frozen treats in the sweltering heat of summer. But, I say, don’t knock it till you try it! Or, at the very least, do as Stray Kids do, and eat ice cream, like Ice Chew, even if it’s ten below!

Whether you’re hitting the slopes to snowboard or ski, or even snuggling up under a cozy blanket to marathon all the Stray Kids music videos, there’s no doubt that these treats are the perfect snacks to satisfy your winter munchies!

What are your favorite winter snacks?

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