10 Best Kpop B Sides That Deserve Your Attention

10 Best Kpop B Sides That Deserve Your Attention - The Daebak Company

No matter the album, kpop title tracks are always the ones you listen to first, and usually are the ones that help you decide whether or not you will like the rest of the album.

Many of these title tracks are pre-released, meaning the rest of the album comes out at a later date, and the first song to be released is typically paired with a music video as well.  

However, many B-side tracks beat out the popularity of their pre-released title track, leading fans to question why these favored songs don’t have music videos.

So on this note, here are ten kpop B-side tracks that deserve the same attention as their title tracks and a music video!

10 Best Kpop B Sides You Should Check Out

1. BTS - “Run BTS”

After dropping their first anthology album ‘PROOF’ back in June 2022, Run BTS appeared as one of the few new tracks on the album, with the rest of the songs coming from their previous discography, dating back to their first album.

Fans around the world were amazed by this track’s energy and even more blown away when the group performed it live for the first time at their ‘Yet To Come’ concert in Busan this past October.

After seeing the performance video for this song, it most certainly deserved a music video when it was released!

Check out the live performance of “Run BTS” below!


While the group was touring for their ‘Be The Sun’ World Tour this past summer, many fans were disappointed that this song didn’t make it onto the setlist.

Many carats, the group’s fans, including myself, just wanted to “feel the vibes,” as the song quotes, but hopefully, this top-tier track will be performed by the group on their next world tour.

3. TWICE - “Queen of Hearts”

While many of TWICE’s B-sides deserve their own music videos, “Queen of Hearts,” the second track off of their eleventh mini-album ‘BETWEEN 1&2’ could have easily been one of their title tracks.

The all-English track has immaculate vibes and sweet vocals that many fans know the group for.

Be sure to watch the group’s performance of “Queen of Hearts” below!

4. BLACKPINK - “Typa Girl”

While the title track, second track, and last track off of the “BORN PINK” album were released with music videos, including one of which was animated, this track could have and should have been one of them!

With a more relaxed vibe than the first two songs on the album, “Typa Girl” proves that it deserves a music video with its savage lyrics and skillful rap.

It is definitely the ‘typa’ song that gives hot girl vibes, which is what BLACKPINK does best!

5. ATEEZ - “Cyberpunk”

With many of the group’s songs being intense to match their intricate choreographies, including the title track “Guerilla,” this song is an excellent example of the group’s musical capabilities.

“Cyberpunk” perfectly fits in with the theme of their album, ‘THE WORLD EP.1: MOVEMENT’ and suits the member’s strong vocals and rap skills very well while sounding unique compared to the other tracks.


This track is a new sound for ITZY, who usually come out with more pop-sounding, lighthearted songs like their title track, “Sneakers.”

With EDM sounds and unique vocals from the members, “RACER” would have been a more suitable title track for the ‘CHECKMATE’ album, and ties into the rest of the tracks beautifully.

7. aespa - “Illusion”

Released as a single before it appeared on the group’s second mini album ‘Girls,’ Illusion arguably should have been the album’s title track.

With outstanding vocals and an eye-catching choreography, this track would have had such a cool music video if it wasn’t one of the album’s B-sides.

8. LE SSERAFIM - “Impurities”

With the recent success of their latest title track, “ANTIFRAGILE,” this groovy yet elegant track could have done just as well if it were promoted more!

For how chill the song is compared to the upbeat “ANTIFRAGILE,” they have a fantastic choreography showcasing their charisma, which you can watch below!

9. TOMORROW X TOGETHER - “Opening Sequence”

As the group’s first track off of their album titled ‘minisode 2: Thursday’s Child,’ the song is much more than an opener for their most recent album.

Something about this song hits different, whether it be their incredibly synchronized choreography or the heartbreak and sadness that their vocals encapsulate.

I would have loved to see what they would do for a music video for this track!

Take a look at the performance video below!

10. ENHYPEN - “Polaroid Love”

With the song becoming a viral TikTok sound after its release, fans and locals alike questioned why the track didn’t have its own music video.

The track was made as a gift for their fans, Engines, and its audio has amassed 44 million views, which is the same number that their title track’s music video currently has, proving the song’s popularity and worthiness of an MV!

Let us know your favorite B-sides below!

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