Enjoy Korean Cuisine: 10 Best Halal Restaurants in Korea

A photo of kimchi fried rice

Trying Korean dishes and Korean street food is a must when visiting Korea- it gives you a real taste of the culture.

This can become difficult if you are a Muslim looking to find halal restaurants in order to experience this, and that’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best halal restaurants in Korea!

Whether you’re a Muslim or not, be sure to visit one (or all) of the 10 best Halal restaurants in Korea to enjoy delicious meals!

10 Best Halal Restaurants in Korea

1. EID

A photo of food at Eid Halal Restaurant
Instagram @eid.halal.food​​

Located in Itaewon, EID is perfect for you if you’re looking for an authentic halal Korean restaurant to enjoy delicious food in a cosy atmosphere!

The restaurant is run by a Korean-Muslim family, giving the perfect credibility in providing authentic Korean halal food. EID is famous for its incredible Korean beef stir-fry and bulgogi dishes, offered alongside re-fillable banchan (side dish of Korean cuisine).

2. Manis Restaurant

Another Halal restaurant in Itaewon and located outside Seoul Central Mosque, Manis Restaurant is the one for you if you’re looking for a quick Halal Korean snack on the go!

Finding a Muslim-friendly version of popular Korean street snacks such as tteokbokki or kimbap can be difficult, but this Korean-Muslim-owned stall takes your worries away and you can enjoy halal Korean street snacks!

3. The Halal Guys

If you’re an ARMY (BTS fan) you might’ve heard of The Halal Guys restaurant before…

A photo of BTS talking about The Halal Guys restaurant
Twitter @taesmug​​

And here’s another photo BTS Jin shared where The Halal Guys can be seen.

A photo of BTS Jin ft. The Halal Guys
Twitter @halalguys​​

Jungkook eating The Halal Guys:

As you can see BTS enjoy a great meal from The Halal Guys, and you should too!

The Halal Guys are open in three locations around Korea: Itaewon, Gangnam, and Hongdae. This halal Korean restaurant is really convenient as they are situated in three locations around Korea.

The Halal Guys is the perfect place for you to visit to experience delicious halal food in Korea. The restaurant offers an experience of both Korean and New York street food culture. This Halal Korean restaurant chain in Korea serves halal-certified food made with ingredients imported from the USA.

The Halal Guys’ famous dishes are its rice and chicken bowls, falalfel platters and chicken sandwiches. The portions are very big- the smallest size is very filling for one person. You also get a complementary salad bowl and pitta bread with every food item!

4. Busan Jib Halal Food

A photo of Busan Jib
Instagram @busanjib_myeongdong

Busan Jib Halal Food serves delicious Halal Korean food at an affordable price. The restaurant is situated in the Myeongdong shopping district, which makes it a great place to enjoy a delicious meal after a great shopping spree, haha!

The kitchen only uses authentic halal ingredients for the dishes prepared at Busan Jib Halal Food. The restaurant has not received its halal certification, but this is because they serve alcoholic drinks to their non-Muslim customers- so rest assured that the dishes are certainly halal! Busan Jib Halal Food also offers prayer spaces for their customers which is convenient for when it is prayer time, just remember to bring your prayer mat.

Are you enjoying this list of best halal restaurants in Korea so far?

5. Murree

A photo of Murree halal restaurant
Instagram ​​@murreemuslimfood

Murree is a Muslim-owned halal Korean restaurant, and is one of the very first restaurants in Korea to serve halal Korean food. Like many other halal restaurants on this list, Murree is located in Itaewon, and serves one of the most extensive Korean halal menus. There are so many Korean dishes to try here, along with refillable banchan!

Murree also serves South Asian dishes such as my favourite Pakistani dish: chicken biryani!

6. Yang Good BBQ

If you’ve been wanting to enjoy a Korean BBQ meal and wished that the meat was halal…

Your wish has come true!

At Yang Good BBQ only halal-certified meat and ingredients are used, so you can comfortably enjoy Muslim-friendly Korean BBQ! The meat can be grilled with or without marinate sauce, so you can enjoy a delicious meal to your liking.

The restaurant is a great spot to have dinner after shopping…I’ll definitely be visiting Yang Good to experience a great halal Korean BBQ!

7. Kampungku Restaurant

Kampungku is a halal restaurant in Korea which serves delicious Malaysian cuisine!

You can comfortably enjoy a delicious meal at Kampungku as the restaurant is halal-certified. Perfect for a great meal after a walk in Seoul!

8. Halal Kitchen Korea

Halal Kitchen Korea is a great place for you to visit if you want to enjoy authentic Korean cuisine in a traditional Korean house (hanok).

With the meals prepared by Korean Muslim, Hassan Lee, you can enjoy dishes such as bulgogi and samgyetang. Halal Kitchen Korea also offers a place for you to pray, but remember to bring your prayer mat along with you too!

9. Casablanca

Casablanca is a halal restaurant in Korea which serves delicious Moroccan cuisine. In the video below by Korean-Muslim Daud Kim, Casablanca is featured and we can see that the food looks so enticing! Watch it below.

10. Mr. Kebab

If you’re looking for halal Turkish food in Korea, visit Mr Kebab! Mr Kebab is a halal fast-food restaurant in Korea with a few outlets around Itaewon, and offers delivery services as well- how convenient!

This halal restaurant is known for their chicken and lamb kebabs alongside other affordable Turkish delicacies.

So now that you have a list of 10 best halal restaurants in Korea, which restaurants are you going to visit on your visit to Korea? Enjoy the best of delicious Korean food with these restaurants… happy eating!

Keep this list of 10 best halal restaurants in Korea safe until your next trip! In the meanwhile, check out these Korean snacks you can buy today to have a taste of Korea!

If you're wondering what food to order in Korea, check out this article on 5 Korean Food that Kpop Idols Like to Eat.

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Stay safe and healthy, I’ll see you in the next post! :)

Written by Sabah Hafeez

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