Top 4 Sites and Apps to Watch Kdrama Online!

Top 4 Sites and Apps to Watch Kdrama Online! - The Daebak Company

Hooray Kdrama fans! Recently, many amazing Kdramas, such as Eve, Anna, A Business Proposal, and Doctor Lawyer, have been released. Yet, where do we watch Kdrama online and more amazing shows? If you are new to Kdrama or seeking better platforms to watch your favorite Kdrama titles, the following platforms might be your right choice.

Where to Watch Kdrama Online?


Viki is a fantastic platform with a wide variety of TV Kdramas and movies. It not only provides a lot of Kdramas but also other popular shows from all across Asia. Viki supports up to 43 languages for some popular TV titles and provides “Making” clips and trailers. With these features, you can easily access the shows and listen to the songs in the Kdrama OST albums you’re interested in, and have a glance at the exciting trivia.

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You can watch top Kdrama series and movies like Hospital playlist, Doom at your service, Semantic Error, True Beauty, and Broker! Viki offers free streaming, but if you want to watch the latest episodes in HD with no ads, pay $4.99 a month or $49.99 for one year! 


Netflix is one of the world’s biggest streaming platforms and owns an extensive library of shows. Of course, you can watch many amazing Kdrama on Netflix. What sets Netflix apart from other platforms is that Netflix holds a lot of original Kdrama, such as Sweet Home and the big-hit Squid Games. Netflix also provides multi-language subtitles for users worldwide!

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Watch Kdrama online with Eng sub and several other languages on Netflix! On the downside, the streaming platform does not offer free content to viewers but rest assured that the $9.99 to $19.99 subscription fees offer more pros than cons. 

Depending on your subscription, you can access your account in HD on several devices. View exclusive and popular Kdramas on Netflix, like Our Blues, Tomorrow, A Business Proposal, Goblin, Happiness, D.P., Vincenzo, Yumi's Cells, It's Okay Not to Be Okay, Twenty Five Twenty One, Squid Game, and the Penthouse Kdrama!


Kocowa is an all-in-one platform with K-drama, reality shows, K-POP stages, and Documentary. This is a go-to platform for Kpop fans, Kdrama fans, or just Korean culture fans in general. 

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You can watch Kdrama online free on Kocowa, like the top Korean drama Kill Me Heal Me! For more access to new and exclusive Kdrama content, you can pick among 3 plans starting from $0.99 to $69.99, giving you more budget to buy Kdrama OST albums and  Kdrama goods on your favorite Kpop shop.


Another favorite streaming platform by Kdrama fans is Viu! You can watch Kdrama online with Eng sub and dub. Recently, the streaming site offers subbed and dubbed content in multiple regional languages in Asia too! Currently, Viu is only available in some Asian countries, namely the Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and more! 

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You can always watch Kdrama online free in a smooth quality. To access premium movies, Kdramas, and even Korean variety shows, sign up among the 3 plans starting from $0.99 to $69.99! With so many options, getting your favorite Kdrama OST albums and other Kdrama goods won't be a problem. Watch fan-favorite titles like Hometown cha cha cha, True Beauty, and Nevertheless.

Where to buy Kdrama OST Albums and Kdrama Goods Online?

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Most Kdrama fans will agree that OST is essential to the drama itself. For example, Goblin: the Lonely and Great God is one of the most popular Kdrama throughout history, and the OST of this drama, Stay With Me by Chanyeol (EXO) & Punch, became a huge hit worldwide. 

After you watch Kdrama online, a good OST will improve the watching experience and become a memorable part of the drama. Wondering where you can listen to these beautiful songs? Check out the latest and hottest Kdrama OST albums on Daebak! There are more Kdrama goods and Kpop merch on this amazing online Kpop shop.

The Daebak Company also has a unique collection of Kdrama goods that you would not want to miss, like adorable items from Yumi's Cells or the items worn by Kdrama stars in your favorite series!


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