BTS Jhope Goes Old School Hip Hop With More MV

BTS Jhope Goes Old School Hip Hop With More MV - The Daebak Company

On July 7, 2022, at 1:00 PM KST, HYBE labels released J-Hope's pre-released track MORE MV, showing the BTS member's dedication to growing and experimenting with his music career. 

MORE invites listeners to BTS JHope's rhythmic rap style and old-school hip-hop. The pre-released track highlights powerful drum beats and guitar sound, manifesting his aspirations to escape the box and tell the world about his passion and skills. 

BTS Jhope More MV

From the sunny and bright Hope World to Jack in the Box, BTS JHope continues to show his honesty through music. His latest pre-release track, MORE, shows his bold desire to create better music and his passion for doing more. 

"Cause I want some more/Hah, shout out/I say more. Yeah, I am thirsty."

In the music video, BTS JHope received a box bringing his alter-ego to life. The various symbolisms and images tell the story of getting trapped and escaping the box to grow further.

BTS Jhope's Jack in The Box

With the release of the BTS JHope's MORE MV and Jack in the Box album, it marks the start of BTS members' solo music projects as they move forward with chapter 2. 

After the release of the BTS anthology album PROOF, BTS told the world of their solo projects at the BTS Dinner Party, leaving some of the watchers confused with the translation. HYBE announced that the group would not go on hiatus but instead will take on solo projects to improve themselves as individuals.

About J-Hope


Jung Hoseok, also known as J-Hope, is the main dancer in BTS, presenting impressive dance breaks and performing difficult choreographies alongside all BTS members. He is also part of the rap line with BTS RM and Suga.

BTS JHOPE in a FILA jacket

J-Hope is the first member to release a solo album after announcing their solo projects. Previously, he released the mixtape, Hope World, which bolstered J-Hope to become the highest-charting Korean soloist on the Billboard 200 chart for a day's sales. With the vibrant beats and lyrics of peace, friendship, and gratitude, Hope World exudes J-Hope's image as the sunshine of the group. 

On his More MV, BTS Jhope offered much darker, bold, yet liberating lyrics to fans of getting outside the box. We hope to listen to more of BTS JHope's complete track list by July 15, 2022

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