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Top 10 Cutest Korean Characters - The Daebak Company

These days there are so many Korean characters to choose from. Many kpop groups even have their own character lines. But which characters are the cutest? Here is a list of the cutest Korean characters.

Cutest Korean Characters

BT21: Chimmy and Koya

These two characters belong to BT21, a character line designed by BTS in collaboration with LINE FRIENDS. These 8 characters were first launched in 2017, featuring Koya, RJ, Shooky, Mang, Chimmy, Tata, Cooky, and Van.

Chimmy is a puppy character designed by Jimin. He wears a yellow hoodie, plays the harmonica, and loves to work hard!

Koya is a koala character designed by RM. He is a smart and sleepy character.

SKZOO: BbokAri and Dwaekki

These characters are a part of SKZOO, characters by the kpop group Stray Kids. Each of the characters is an animal representation of one of the members. There are 8 characters: Wolf Chan, Leebit, Dwaekki, Jiniret, Han Quokka, BbokAri, PuppyM, and FoxI.Ny.

BbokAri is a chick character representing Felix, while Dwaekki is a mix between a pig and a rabbit representing Changbin. A dwaekki is a mix between a pig and a rabbit.

TRUZ: Ruru and Som

These characters belong to TRUZ, a character line designed by TREASURE in collaboration with LINE FRIENDS. The characters were first launched in 2021, consisting of 12 characters: Chili, Romy, Yochi, Bonbon, Matetsu, Lawoo, Hikun, Ye-Dee, Som, Ruru, Woopy, and Podong.

Ruru is a marshmallow character designed by Haruto, while Som is a sweet cloud character designed by Doyoung.

Twotuckgom: Mingom

This character is a part of Twotuckgom, a character line by Monsta X. There are 7 characters. Nunugom, Bebegom, Danygom, Mingom, Zizigom, Honeygom, and Hamgom.

All of the characters are similar-looking bears. However, Mingom has a cute flower that makes him stand out. Mingom is pink and designed by Minhyuk.

BT21minini: Minini Shooky and RJ

BT21minini has the same characters as BT21. But the BT21minini characters have a more minimalistic design.

KAKAO Friends: Choonsik

Unlike the other characters on this list, Choonsik was not designed by a kpop group, but he is still a cute and popular Korean character. He is a cat character belonging to a group of characters called KAKAO Friends. Other popular kakao characters include Ryan and Apeach.

These characters are just the tip of the iceberg. Every character line is full of cute Korean characters. Many are cute reminders of your favorite kpop star, with each character having their own variety of products. From character prints to action figures and everything in between, you can get them all on The Daebak Company. So buy one for your favorite member, or buy the whole bunch!


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