16 Best Kpop Karaoke Songs for Your First “Noraebang” Experience

16 Best Kpop Karaoke Songs for Your First “Noraebang” Experience - The Daebak Company

As big Kpop fans, we want to sing our favorite Kpop idol's songs. You can improve your Korean language skills with some of the best Kpop karaoke songs you can easily sing, whether in South Korea or overseas. If you're searching for a list of songs that make you impress your friends, we have a couple of recommendations below.

What Is Korean Karaoke Called?

First, karaoke is a Japanese word that’s also been adapted into English. Karaoke in Korean is noraebang, 노래방, but when translated directly from Korean means “song room.”

According to its name, it’s a private room usually rented by the hour, some of it being more expensive than others, depending on what luxury you want.

Inside the karaoke room, you’ll find the Korean karaoke machine with microphones, a remote for the TV screen, and a songbook. Some rooms may also have costumes, food, drink service, and other things to add to your performance. 

Often, there will be a variety of music choices from all genres and several languages, including English, Japanese, and Chinese - from the golden oldies to modern chart hits. 

Tips For Your First Korean Karaoke

Karaoke is an important tradition of Korean culture and entertainment that binds people together in a friend or coworker circle. For this reason, it's considerable to know the hierarchy of the situation, even though it's a more unwinding environment.

Make sure you ask someone's age since if someone is older than you, even by a year, they will be the ones who should start with the activities. Then, check and try to follow their example. Remember not to sing someone else's chosen song, and don't skip into someone's song unless asked. Regardless of talent, it's best to cheer and clap for the singer when it's over.

Before you start singing, you may be wondering what is the easiest k-pop song to sing? Some may choose the best kpop karaoke songs they can find online or connect with senior coworkers with old kpop karaoke songs instead. If you are still learning the Korean language, these karaoke kpop songs may help boost your confidence and hype your listeners. 

Recommended Kpop Karaoke Songs

Every Kpop fan remembers when they first fell in love with a song or group, and we hope you will have the same feeling with one of these easy tracks. If you are wondering what you should sing at Korean karaoke, here are some of the most popular kpop karaoke songs that everyone in Korea knows, and you can sing to enjoy the noraebang experience!

Ddu-du Ddu-du- Blackpink

Blackpink is a four-member kpop girl band that has collaborated with artists like Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa, Selena Gomez, and Cardi B. If you want a catchy beat to learn, "Ddu-du Ddu-du" has lyrics that are easy to sing that will make you dance all day among the top kpop karaoke songs in this list.

Gangnam Style - PSY

In 2012, "Gangnam Style" opened the world's eyes to kpop. Since then, people worldwide have tuned in to listen to the best of Korea's musical talent. This is one of the memorable kpop songs in karaoke that maybe you have heard with all the fabulous styles of South Korea. The lyrics from PSY's song are mainly about the perfect girlfriend who knows how to have fun and stay refined simultaneously.

Scientist - Twice

Twice is a nine-member girl group that broke records with songs like "Likey." Their singles are pretty melodious, and Scientist is a must to include in your kpop songs karaoke.

Red Flavor - Red Velvet

Red Velvet has long hit songs that may suit you if you're a non-K-pop listener, but we wanted to recommend the song "Red Flavor," which includes one of the catchiest chorus sounds that surely will make you sing all day.

Lullaby - GOT7

The boy band of seven members debuted in 2014. Like many Korean stars, they have multiple international successes with number one albums. Needless to say, Lullaby is a track with incredible choreography, vocals, and lyrics that makes the GOT7 song an excellent opportunity to have fun in a noraebang.

Blue Hour - Tomorrow X Together

Another new K-pop group that may convert non-kpop listeners into experts is Tomorrow X Together. The Kpop idol group managed by Big Hit Entertainment (the same company that created BTS) will show you a melodious, soft, and cute single; everything your need to be a kpop listener.

Love Shot - EXO

EXO consists of nine Chinese and South Korean members. Their music combines pop, hip-hop, R&B, trap, and electronic for a truly unique sound, with a mix of lyrics in Korean and Mandarin. This is perfect if you like to study Korean and Chinese simultaneously.

I got a boy - Girls Generation

Old-school kpop is also a good idea for your attempts at karaoke. For many fans, Girls Generations is a necessary stop for every kpop fan. The track's infectious chorus introduces you to a fantastic route toward amazing and pleasured lyrics to learn.

Follow - Monsta X

All six members of Monsta X sing in Korean, English, and Japanese. "Follow" contains a happy, playful, and daring rhythm for those who enjoy a party song.

Dynamite - BTS

Also known as Bangtan Sonyeondan, BTS was formed in 2010. Their lyrics often focus on social and personal challenges with topics about mental health, self-love, loss, and individualism. Even when the song is completely in English, their beautiful voices combined with the catchy choreography is an excellent invitation to know a little more about them. Though it may not be the first song you can think of when singing with a group of coworkers in Korea, the beat and simple lyrics make everyone have fun. 

Maniac - Stray Kids

Stray Kids' music focuses mainly on positive energy. This song talks about "odd" people who break the social norms set by the world. A perfect opportunity to sing a fresh song in the middle of a kpop karaoke. Your friends will love it!

Loco - ITZY

ITZY is a South Korean girl group of five members. Their song "Loco" is a hit that expresses a roller coaster of feelings involved with love, a perfect romantic and exciting songs to sing.

The stealer - The Boyz

This is a contemporary hip-hop dance genre song from The BOYZ with an encircling bass beat and rhythmic drums. The track will make you feel free while you sing along!

After school - Weeekly

Do you remember the feeling of spending time with your friends after school? That's what this song is. A pop song from Weeekly mixed with reggae and trap beats to remember those sweet and fun times.

Drunk dazed - Enhypen

With this song, Enhypen will truly make you feel like you're at a party or carnival with music to dance to (although it gets more terrifying later). The idea of the vocalist chasing his dreams is a clear invitation for you to do it too. Encourage yourself to participate, and show what you're made of! 

Clap - Seventeen

Thanks to its good rhythm, Seventeen's Clap makes us want to continue dancing and clapping along with the melody. It is a unique opportunity to dance and sing with our friends.

This is a great activity you can enjoy with your friends or coworkers. It doesn’t matter if you are not a good singer. The idea is to turn off your routine, do something different, and experience noraebang while in Korea! You can also sing these songs in your own country's karaoke rooms. 

Tell us in the comments what your favorite song in the karaoke song is, and remember to visit The Daebak Company to buy the latest kpop merch and kpop albums from your favorite idols. The Daebak Company takes you to a magical kpop store to find the best kpop world with your favorite merch of groups


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