Incheon Arrivals: Top 10 Things to do at the Seoul-Incheon Airport Attractions

Incheon Arrivals: Top 10 Things to do at the Seoul-Incheon Airport Attractions - The Daebak Company

Interested in visiting Korea soon? Most people who visit Korea have to fly in through the Seoul-Incheon International Airport. Many first-time visitors don’t realize that the Incheon Airport is not actually in Seoul. The capital of South Korea is actually an hour train ride away. 

But you don’t have to travel to Seoul to immerse yourself in Korean culture and do fun activities. With so many things to see and do inside the airport, you don’t want to miss out on all of the great Incheon airport attractions.

What Can I Do at the Incheon International Airport?

After a long flight, what are you most looking forward to doing when you get off the plane? Whether you want to rest, grab a bite to eat, dive headfirst into Korean culture or try a new experience, you can find Incheon South Korea tourist attractions for everyone to enjoy.


Who doesn’t need to rest and recuperate after a long flight? Spa on Air is a premiere Jjimjilbang or Korean-style sauna in the Incheon international airport. It is perfect for any jetlagged traveler to rest and freshen themselves up before hitting the streets of Seoul and visiting attractions near Incheon airport.  

This spa operates 24/7 and offers luxurious spaces for massages, sauna time, showers, community baths, lounges, and sleep rooms. They even have a luggage storage service, so you only have to worry about which amenity you want to take advantage of first.

While others experience jetlag after a long plane ride, some try to enjoy the moment, and you should do too! Enjoy relaxation on the plane ride to Korea with a face mask that will leave your skin looking bright and rejuvenated. 

Foodie Paradise

The food options at the Incheon International Airport are endless. Check out Lotteria if you’re looking for some American classics with a Korean twist, like their Bulgogi burger.

Looking for traditional Korean food? SonSoo Bansang is known for its Bibimbap, a Korean dish of rice topped with veggies, meat, and red pepper paste. Add a fried egg on top for a truly decadent dish.

Get a taste of fine Korean dining at Sonsuheon, a traditional Korean hwaban restaurant. Finish your meal with a traditional Korean dessert of red bean bread from the Geundaegolmok Red Bean Bread Bakery. You can find more about places to eat by reading this blog

You already know that you'll be reminiscing about all the excellent food and snacks you will have in Korea after your trip. So have a SnackFever box waiting for you when you get back, packed with many yummy snacks to enjoy.


Korean Culture

Changing of the Guard Ceremony

One of the popular Incheon airport attractions you don’t want to miss when visiting Korea is exploring one of the many grand palaces where Korea’s royalty once roamed. You can catch a glimpse of the changing of the guard ceremony that you would see at the palace, right at the airport. The guards wear traditional clothing and show off their martial arts skills, where they do performances with swords.

If you forget to buy a souvenir during your stay, you can take home a piece of royalty with this cute mug fit for a king or queen that features one of three Korean palace designs.  You can also check out our K-heritage collection to get the best Korean souvenirs to remember your trip or level up your home interior. 

The Walk of the Royal Family

Another slice of Korean culture you can watch recreated is the walk of the royal family. Take a step back into Korean history as you watch reenactors showcasing the everyday styles of the royal family during the Joseon dynasty. They use traditional royal clothing and accessories, replicated from old documents and records.

Korea Traditional Culture Experience Center

Looking for a bit of a more hands-on Incheon airport attractions experience with Korean culture? Check out the Korea Traditional Experience Center. There’s one in every terminal, so you don’t miss out on visiting it. 

Experience programs offered by the center are free to foreign passengers, and you’ll get a chance to make some traditional crafts such as folk paintings or a danseon, a Korean hand fan. You can even try on Hanbok and take photos. It is definitely one of the locations you should never miss on your Incheon attractions list. Feel free to browse some of the products in the center, made by some of Korea’s national cultural artists. 

Not enough time for you to make it to the cultural center to make your traditional fan and other traditional tourist attractions near Incheon airport? The Haheo Mask Traditional Fan is perfect for a hot day or some amazing room decor. 

Cultural Museum of Korea

The Inchon Airport has its own museum! The Incheon airport attraction features Korean historical relics that are over 5,000 years old. You can learn about traditional Korean art, such as jogakbo traditional patchwork, check out traditional outfits from the chosun dynasty, and see the history of Hangul, the Korean alphabet. 

Museums always tell us the history of arts, cultures, and histories, so it's not a surprise if you leave falling in love with traditional Korean art! If you do not have the time to shop for art souvenirs, take the Jogakbo Bookmark home with you. 


Korean Music

Get a taste of traditional Korean music with a Gugak concert. Next on our Incheon airport tours suggestion is a musical attraction. The performers wear Hanbok, traditional Korean clothing, as they play a live music show featuring traditional Korean musical instruments such as the Gayageum or the Haegeum.  

These live performances sometimes accompany masked dance performances too. They take place in different terminals, so you’ll be able to catch them and see them no matter what terminal you fly.

There are also public concerts with instrumentalists who perform classical music renditions to movies and k-drama soundtracks. If you’re lucky, you may also hear them performing some top k-pop hits.

This DIY Tile House Music Box will not only take you back in time by looking at its Hanok traditional Korean house design but also with the music box's song Arirang, a Korean folk song commonly known as the unofficial anthem of Korea.  


Unexpected Incheon Airport Attractions

We're not done recommending Incheon airport attractions to you yet! No wonder the airport has also become one of the best Incheon tourist spots.

Skating Rink

Looking to pass some time before you head off to Seoul? Incheon International Airport has an indoor inline skating rink that used to be a year-round ice skating rink. Strap on some rollerblades with a helmet for protection, and try not to fall as other travelers whiz past you. How often will you get the chance to say you went skating inside an airport?

Movie Theater

Get your first experience at a Korean movie theater at the Incheon International Airport. At CGV theater, you can watch the latest box office hit movies and try different snacks typical of Korean movie theaters, such as roasted octopus, butter squid, kimchi seasoned popcorn, or garlic and onion popcorn. Make sure to ask for ban ban meaning half and half, which is just two different popcorn flavors in one popcorn tub. 

Eco-Friendly Gardens

Incheon Airport has many eco-friendly gardens around its grounds. With seven indoor gardens to explore, take a load off by having a leisurely stroll through them. The Garden of lights is an art garden that offers a view of beautiful sculptures and a footbath experience.

The Healing Nest, a traditional Korean garden modeled after the Changedeok Palace, offers a view of a wide variety of flowers and plants from different seasons.

These flower earrings and flower bracelet will remind you of the beautiful gardens in the Incheon airport long after you've traveled back home. 

With so many Incheon airport attractions, you'll want to set aside enough time to enjoy as many of them as possible during your next trip to Korea. 

Need some more travel inspo while planning for your next trip to Korea? Check out The Daebak Company's Daebak Magazine for exciting reads on Korean travel and Korean culture.


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