5 Cinema Snacks You Can Find in Korean Movie Theatres

With movies being released all year round, you can never be too sure where in the world one may be when a new movie is released. If you happen to be in Korea, you should definitely take some time to experience watching a movie at a Korean movie theatre! Cinemas aren’t only known for showing movies; they’re also known for selling some very tasty snacks and food. Here’s a little insight into what kinds of scrumptious delectables are served in Korea’s movie theatres!


Of course, the one snack every cinema needs to sell: popcorn. Like many other countries, Korean cinemas sell the infamous buttered popcorn; however, they expand beyond the classic butter and have other delicious flavours such as caramel, cheese and even some onion and garlic flavours! And, if you come across a situation where you can’t decide which flavour you want, which will most likely happen, don’t worry! Korean cinemas have split popcorn containers so that you can have a mixture of multiple flavours!

Hot Dogs

Another common movie snack is the hot-dog. There are many cases of making a mess while eating hot-dogs in movie theatres, as I have experienced myself… But don’t fret! Hot dogs sold in Korean movie theatres comes in a special little cardboard box for easy handling! You can enjoy the delicious taste of the hot-dog, with all the sauces and toppings you want on it, and not have to worry about making a mess! These cinemas offer a variety of different toppings for them - from your classic sauces like mustard and ketchup to something a bit different such as fried onions and coleslaw, there’s a bit of something for everyone.


Ah, the delicious sweet taste of the churro. It is perfect to enjoy while watching a movie. But, wait. You’re in Korea. Why have just a normal churro when you can have a quirky churro. Why is it quirky you may ask? Churros in Korea have various fillings! Such as peanut butter or cream cheese, and some even have some cinnamon sprinkled on them. Once again, these Korean cinemas are letting you enjoy a little bit of sweet, with a little bit of savoury. Perfect!


Squid, believe it or not, is probably one of the most popular Korean cinema snacks. This particular food can come served in a variety of ways, but the most common is for it to be served in a small box and coated in butter. It also comes with some other flavours and toppings such as hot sauce or vegetables. It has quite a chewy texture and is also known to be quite salty. So, if you’re up for trying something a bit unique but savoury, then squid is the way to go.


Why not enjoy your movie with some of these tasty chips and maybe even dip them into some sauces of your choice? This snack in Korean movie theatres comes in a small plastic tray that usually has around 3 sections - A section for the nachos and two sections for the sauce. The sauce is usually given to you in a sachet and you then have the option to pour it into the compartments or drizzle it over your nachos.

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And there we have it. A quick, short insight into the kinds of foods that you will find at Korean cinemas. I hope this article has helped you figure out what foods you’re going to be munching on while you watch a great foreign film during your time in Korea!

Tried any of these foods? Tell us which was your favourite or let us know if we’ve missed anything out!

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