Bridging Diversity "Twogether"

Bridging Diversity

A Netflix Original that brings unity without boundaries

We all watch Korean, Taiwanese, Chinese, American dramas, and so on. But what comes rarely is a series that incorporates two different countries. This is what Netflix has created. Through an original series called “Twogether,” Netflix has bridged diversity between two countries.

“Twogether” is a Netflix original series starring Lee Seung Gi; a Korean actor, singer, variety show member and Jasper Liu; a Taiwanese actor, singer, and model. Both of these famous superstars have never met but decide to take on an adventure with the help of their fans. Every week, Lee Seung Gi and Jasper Liu travel to a new location where they are tasked to find their fans based on clues given to them from their fans themselves.

This show is definitely a must-watch with laughter and joy. Two people from different backgrounds and language barriers decide to work together building a bond and friendship to find people that have supported them.

Knowing that Jasper and Lee Seung Gi have language barriers to overcome, they take their time outside of filming to learn each other’s language and their culture. This truly bridges diversity between the two. Netflix has done it again.

“Twogether,” a place where laughter, joy, learning, and community takes place.

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