Stop, Smell, and Eat Cherry Blossoms On The Go

Stop, Smell, and Eat Cherry Blossoms On The Go - The Daebak Company

The weather is warming up, the flowers are blooming… It’s the perfect time to go to the park, eat a delicious picnic lunch, and have a relaxing day. Of course, our busy day-to-day lives do not stop just for the sight of a flower blooming or because it is hot today.

Although we must work that 9-to-5 to survive, we can still find moments to spare so that we can eat and smell the cherry blossoms. Luckily, many Korean convenience stores and fast food restaurants offer limited release items for the season. On your way to your next destination, consider stopping by and grabbing some deliciously spring-themed fuel!

Cherry Blossom Burger

No one knows how to celebrate cherry blossom season quite like GS25 convenience stores! Not only did they come out with cherry blossom beverages, but also a cherry blossom burger! These aesthetically-pleasing burgers consist of burger patty, onion, sauce, and lettuce sandwiched with large beautiful pink buns. This is quite the Instagramable burger!  

Cherries Jubilee Sandwich

A sandwich for dessert?! GS25 is coming through with the unusual sandwiches this spring! This sandwich is sweet rather than savory with a whip filling containing whole cherries in between slices of white bread. Try this collaboration between GS25 and Baskin Robbins. It may put you in mind of an ice cream sandwich!

Strawberry Donuts

In Korea, Dunkin’ Donuts has a selection of yummy strawberry sweets, including strawberry-flavoured donuts featuring Sanrio’s Hello Kitty!


Starbucks always thrives during springtime! They usually release pretty products of tumblers with flower design and have even made cherry blossom drinks in the past.

This spring, Starbucks has released a few different items to try. They have produced a limited time coffee flavour, “Spring Season Blend” which contains cherry flavour.

While you’re at Starbucks stocking up on coffee, grab a freshly made drink to-go with their spring drink, the sweet Strawberry Latte!

Starbucks also offers a wide variety on their menu including frappuccinos and snacks. During the spring season, this includes the Strawberry and Green Tea frappuccino, cake, and croissant.

Strawberry Chiller

Wash it all down and refresh yourself from the heat with this strawberry smoothie from McDonald’s that will satisfy both sweet and sour craving!

What’s your favourite fast food item? Which will you try next?
Let us know in the comments below!

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