Up Your Fashion Game With These K-Style Gurus

Up Your Fashion Game With These K-Style Gurus - The Daebak Company

Nowadays, people use all sorts of mediums to express themselves. Fashion is by far one of the most popular. However, some may struggle with finding their own style. If that sounds likes you, or maybe if you just need some inspiration, here are a few Korean style gurus to save the day!


@la_room specializes in minimalistic casual wear, favoring classic pieces such as denim jeans, tailored pants, or button-up blouses. The colors are almost always neutral. However, she does occasionally reach for statement pieces like a burnt orange sweater, for example. Her most distinguishable characteristic, though, is her ability to look effortlessly put together as though the "no makeup" makeup look was translated into fashion.


@gaepig is basically the masculine version of @la_room. He embodies that same clean-cut, minimalistic aesthetic that has been popular these days. He also features an edgier street style, which is another look that's getting increasingly popularized today. His looks are all versatile, meaning it's easy to dress them up or down depending on the occasion.


The best way to describe @hoyaho0's look would be the "e-boy" style, similar to the emo or goth skater boy. @hoyaho0 favors fitted pants, dress tops underneath a t-shirt, and many accessories such as rings and belt chains. His look is simple and straight to the point but also makes a statement. Out of all the styles that have been mentioned so far, this is by far the most popular, especially with the rise of the "e-boy" aesthetic.


@__backkkkk is the best of both worlds, featuring both very casual streetwear and put-together business casual wear. She gravitates toward a simple, clean-cut look using neutral colors and staple pieces that enhance the aesthetic. She always looks comfortable, even when she's dressed a little more formally, which is a bonus. Who doesn't like to be comfy and put together?

With styles to fit anyone's preference, these fashionistas will make outfit planning a much easier task. Which one was your favorite? Do you have someone we need to add to this list? Let us know in the comments!

Featured image: @__backkkkk
Written by: Elodie Hollant

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