CHA EUN WOO Reality Art Figure - Daebak

CHA EUN WOO Reality Art Figure

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Release date is September 16, 2022.

  • Orders containing pre-order items will be held until all items are released and available to ship together. There is also a slight chance that items may be out of stock during the pre-order period.
  • The outer case/box is simply for protecting goods. Damages such as scratches or discoloration on the case/box cannot be compensated.
  • The product is made with eco-friendly materials. Due to its natural degradation property, these may come with cracks, discoloration or stain.

What's inside

Component: (1) CHA EUN WOO Reality Art Figure
Size: About 120 x 280mm, Weight: Less than 1kg
Materials: Coral, Coral Reef, Paper

    CHA EUN WOO Reality Art FigureCHA EUN WOO Reality Art Figure

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