Missha Artistool To-Go-Kit - Daebak
Missha Artistool To-Go-Kit - Daebak

Missha Artistool To-Go-Kit

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MISSHA Artistool To-Go Kit is a set of compact size cosmetic brushes (5 brushes) and a pouch for professional makeup effect anywhere and anytime.

Components: 5 Brushes & 1 Pouch

  1. Powder Brush: Sweep across the face along skin texture for even distribution of the powder.
  2. Cheek & Shading Brush: Apply blusher or shading along the cheekbones or jawline.
  3. Blending Brush: Swirl in a circular motion to blend in the edges.
  4. Shadow (Base) Brush: Apply the base shadow evenly on eyelids.
  5. Shadow (Point) Brush: Apply the point shadow on delicate areas, like the tip of the eyes or under the eyes.

How to Use:

  • Apply the appropriate amount to the brush and spread it gently in the direction of skin texture.

Missha Artistool To-Go-Kit

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