VTXBTS Born Natural Peel Off Mask 50ml - Daebak

VTXBTS Born Natural Peel Off Mask 50ml

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Born Natural Peel Off Mask (1)


Peel Off Mask makes the skin smooth and clean through the shining pearl texture containing peat water that absorbs dead skin cells and sebum
1. Peel Off Mask contains peat water which is excellent in removing dead skin cells and sebum, allowing you a clean and smooth skin
2. The mask completely covers all over your face, even around your nose area
3. This soft peel off mask allows soft application and immediate hydration on your face making it clear and fresh
4. Shining pearl texture with peat water ingredient
5. Purple beet water, super berry complex, triple hyaluronic acid are used to make your skin vitalized and looks lively

How to use

1. After cleansing, remove any water that is left on your face and then apply the product as thin as you can.
2. After about 20 minutes, check whether the product is dried enough not to be come off on your finger.
Then, slowly rip off the mask from the edge.