Step on Set: 5 KDrama Filming Locations You Can Visit!

Step on Set: 5 KDrama Filming Locations You Can Visit! - The Daebak Company

It’s happened to all of us; we’re watching a Kdrama, loving the characters at their dumbest and most embarrassing moments, and wishing we could sit next to them. Then, you remember that it’s a drama, and the characters are nothing more than created roles (cue the loud sobbing). 

These characters may be nothing more than works of fiction, but that doesn’t mean the kdrama filming locations are! Many kdrama use actual locations to shoot many of their scenes.

Here’s a list of locations used to film that can be part of your South Korea travel itinerary!

KDrama Filming Locations

Milky Way Cafe (몽마르뜨언덕위 은하수다방) - He Is Psychometric

Milky Way Café, or 몽마르뜨언덕위 은하수다방, from the drama He Is Psychometric is a cute café that, other than being home to a tender moment between the female protagonist and her friend, is home to many sweet treats and goodies. From soft cakes to chilling fruit smoothies, Milky Way Café can cure you of your sweet tooth! 

Located in the Mapo District of Hapjeong, Seoul, Milky Way Café is only an eight-minute walk from exit seven of Seoul Subway Line two and six. Don't miss out on adding this quaint cafe to your kdrama filming locations tour.

Evening Garden (저녁정원) - Something in the Rain

If you’ve watched Something in the Rain, you’ll see that the homey Evening Garden, or 저녁정원, is the café where the two protagonists end up reuniting! Located in the village of Panpo-ri on Jeju Island, this café is the perfect place to hit up if you are craving coffee and fruity cakes. But honestly, the aesthetics of this café alone are enough to warrant a visit! 

Café Paper Tree - Romance is a Bonus Book

Café Paper Tree makes a stunning showcase in Romance is a Bonus Book (a Fever Guys Fam favorite!) when two characters meet up at this cafe to discuss work but fall asleep instead! At this cafe, you can find a variety of drinks to heat you up or cool you down. Also, Art Gallery Café, another location featured in Romance is a Bonus Book, is right next door! 

You can visit Café Paper Tree as part of your kdrama filming locations checklist if you ever find yourself in Paju’s neighborhood of Manbul-Dong by taking bus 2200 at Hapjeong Station to Lotte Premium Outlet Bus Stop. 

Café Moondoor (카페문도) - Hospital Playlist

Though Café Moondoor was briefly featured on Hospital Playlist, it was still a place of importance for Kim Jun-wan and Lee Ik-sun.

Café Moondoor has an impeccable interior. The chandelier and a 16-seater table provide a luxurious ambiance perfect for snapping a memorable photo for your Kdrama filming locations tour!

With its spacious parking space and delectable desserts, you can make Café Moondoor a stop on your tour! Relax at this cafe at 1F, Building 2, 920-10 Goyang-daero, Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do.

Dal.komm Café - Memories of Alhambra

The next spot in your kdrama filming locations was featured in K-Drama Eateries That Exist in Real Life and is a popular cafe with multiple branches called Dal.komm Café. However, the specific branch we’ll be looking at is in Sangam-dong after its showcase in Memories of Alhambra, when two characters argue over finding another character. Now, it’s no wonder that this café is so popular, as its diverse menu can satisfy your fruity, chocolatey, or caffeine cravings!

To get to Dal.komm Café in Sangam-dong, take Seoul Subway Line 6 and head to exit 9.

Cafe Sandeul Hill (카페산들언덕)- A Business Proposal

In the Kdrama series A Business Proposal, Shin Ha-ri's family owned a restaurant that sells fried chicken. But in reality, the set is a real cafe and not Goobne Chicken! 

The cafe's interior differs from the one in the A Business Proposal clips but offers a relaxing vibe for visitors to relax and take a sip of good coffee. Make this a part of your kdrama filming locations trip, or recreate a cute scene from the kdrama here! 

You can find The Cafe Sandeul Hill at 342-15 Manchon-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu!

Bojeong-dong Café Street (보정동카페거리)

This filming location is a bit special. It's not just one café, it's four! Bojeong-dong Café Street is a popular location for K-dramas to film, with scenes from What's Wrong with Secretary Kim, A Gentleman's Dignity, and The Tuna and the Dolphin shot here. It's easy to see why looking around this street! The number of unique, aesthetic, and tasty shops on this street provides good backgrounds and satisfied stomachs! 

To get to Bojeong-dong Café Street, take the Bundang Line at Jukjeon Station and get off at exit two. Wear comfortable shoes as there is a fair amount of walking to get there.

Whether you end up at Jeju Island for a feel of Something in the Rain or fall asleep on someone’s shoulder in Paju in the hopes of recreating Romance is a Bonus Book, you’ll find a special connection; waiting to be made wherever you choose to visit!

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