5 Korean Autumn Food To Enjoy

5 Korean Autumn Food To Enjoy - The Daebak Company

Fall is here, and with that comes autumn drinks and food to help you get into the cozy and warm mood of the season. Whether you’re an autumn enthusiast and can’t wait for it any longer or not ready to let go of the summer, these top 5 Korean autumn food will help you welcome the season with open arms. 

5 Korean Autumn Food

Autumn Food in Korea: Grilled Gizzard Shad

Grilled gizzard shad is the epitome of autumn food in Korea. Although grilled fish is enjoyed year-round, this particular fish is filled with healthy fats and nutrients to prepare you for long and cold winter months. 

Its soft flesh makes it the perfect Korean autumn food for eating, wrapped in lettuce seasoned with chili and soy sauce. Head to the west and southern coasts of South Korea, where the gizzard shads are caught in large quantities, to enjoy it fresh. It is one of the best autumn food in South Korea that will make you drool if you love seafood!

Autumn Food in Korea: Grilled Pine Mushrooms

Pine mushrooms are harvested during fall, thus making them the perfect addition to any Korean autumn meal. These mushrooms have high nutritional value and are known for their health benefits. The best way to enjoy the autumn food is to season them and then toss them on the grill lightly, but these mushrooms are a great addition to other proteins, such as beef or abalone. 

Pine mushrooms grow in mountainous areas such as Yangyang-gun in Gangwon-do, Uljin-gun, Bonghwa-gun, and Cheongdo-gun in Gyeongsangbuk-do. You can try other mushroom dishes from The Daebak Company's Korean snack shop! Here are some of them. 

Autumn Food in Korea: Persimmons

Oh, sweet persimmons! This fruit fully ripens in autumn, making it an autumn seasonal food. This fruit is rich in vitamins, is excellent for your skin, and can be enjoyed in many ways, such as in desserts and punches. 

Dried persimmons are one of the most popular ways to eat this fruit since it has become a sweet and chewy treat. The city of Sangju-si in Gyeongsangbuk-do is the nation’s largest producer of persimmons, so head over if you want a one-of-a-kind persimmon and food in autumn season experience. 

Autumn Food in Korea: Roasted Sweet Potatoes

You’ve probably seen roasted sweet potatoes in K-dramas since they’re a popular Korean street food. 

Korean sweet potatoes are usually sweeter than North American ones, and eating them right out of the grill is a must on a colder autumn night. These sweet treats are also super affordable and healthy autumn food, so indulging in them won’t break the bank. You can also much on these Korean potato snacks.

Autumn Food in Korea: Blue Crabs

Seafood fans rejoice because autumn is the best time to enjoy blue crabs in South Korea!

There are myriad ways to enjoy the delicious flaky, plump crab meat, including steamed, soups or even plain. For an authentic Korean food culinary experience, try the popular blue crab dish named gejang.  

The Korean autumn food is raw crab meat marinated in soy sauce or red chili-pepper paste sauce, it might not seem that appetizing, but once you try it, you’ll want more. Discover some of The Daeabak Company's Korean snacks and other Korean food products with crab flavors below!

That is the end of our must-have South Korean autumn food to make the best of the beautiful season ahead. Let us know in the comments below which one you can’t wait to try!


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