The Queens are back: MAMAMOO MIC ON!

The Queens are back: MAMAMOO MIC ON! - The Daebak Company

The girl group, MAMAMOO, consisting of Solar, Wheein, Hwasa, and Moonbyul, is back with the mini album MIC ON.

MAMAMOO dressed all in black for MAMAMOO MIC ON comeback
MAMAMOO group photo courtesy of @mo_onbyul​​

This is the group's first full group comeback in just over a year. The past year, the ladies have focused on their solo ventures with Hwasa and Loco releasing a single called Somebody!, Moonbyul releasing her solo album, 6equenceand continuing to maintain the number one spot on the survival show, The Second World, Wheein featuring on various OSTs, releasing Whee, and having her first solo fan meeting D-Day, and Solar releasing her solo album Face.

The Comeback: Mamamoo MIC ON

MAMAMOO has been busy in 2022!

So MooMoos weren't expecting a comeback in 2022. Then MIC ON album  was announced, and the wait was well worth it!

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Discover Mamamoo Mic On Tracklist

MAMAMOO MIC ON is the group's 12th mini album together. This also marks the group's first comeback since Wheein left RBW and signed with The L1ve.

Mic On mini album features three songs 1,2,3,Eoi!, ILLELLA, L.I.E.C.

Their title song, ILLELLA, is sure to have you dancing with its reggae tones and strong bass in the background.

It’ll command your attention. Listen to MAMAMOO MIC ON below!

The MV features the group outfitted in gorgeous festival styled outfits in bright colors that successfully capture each of the singers’ personalities.


The song captures the emotion and feelings of two people finally admitting their feelings for each other at night when it’s just the two of them together.

Moonbyul styled for ILLELLA comeback.
Moonbyul photo courtesy of ​​@mamamoo_official

Moonbyul gives MooMoos another chance to experience her beautiful singing voice hitting high notes in various parts of the song. She still lends her impressive rapping skills throughout MAMAMOO MIC ON mini album.

Wheein styled in hip fashion for MAMAMOO comeback MV ILLELLA
Wheein photo courtesy of @mamamoo_official​​

Wheein stuns listeners with her gorgeous vocals as she captures the song's emotions with her deep and melodic voice. Wheein channeled fresh hip vibes in her fashion in ILLELLA. Coupled with piercing makeup and a red lip Wheein continues to bring her best and show various sides to herself.

Hwasa in a hiphop style for MAMAMOO comeback
Hwasa photo courtesy of @mamamoo_official​​

Hwasa shared her deep, husky, seductive voice to notes throughout the song, helping to truly capture the emotion felt between two people at night, finally sharing their feelings for each other. This comeback and fashion suited Hwasa very well, allowing her to share her charming beauty with MooMoos and new fans alike.

Solar fashioned in hot pink fashion.
Solar p​​hoto courtesy of @mamamoo_official

Solar continued to impress with her energetic and high steady notes through ILLELLA. She continues to impress with her range from sultry deep notes to enchanting high notes. Her pink fuzzy, funky style suited Solar's bright and energetic personality well.

MAMAMOO MIC ON is the album to stream this season! Something is about to break, but it won't be MooMoo's hearts with this great long-awaited comeback.

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The night is long, and perfect for streaming MAMAMOO MIC ON!


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