K-Fashion Alert: Layering

K-Fashion Alert: Layering - The Daebak Company

K-fashion includes a range of different styles, but one trend that seems to be consistent in all realms of K-fashion is layering!

Layering isn't just for warmth in the winter but can be done to simply add more dimension to your outfit. The trend includes stacking clothes on top of one another and the bottom layer generally shows through. This trend looks good in the many styles of K-fashion, so let’s get into different examples!

Shirts and Dresses


With springtime all around, layering dresses on top of T-shirts or other tops is one of the first styles that comes to mind! The look gives off a very cute, artsy vibe; and the result really depends on the items you choose. The dresses generally have a square, sweetheart, or V neckline. In addition, the bottom layer is generally plain-colored tees or blouses. When it is still chilly during the transition to spring, you can even layer long-sleeves and turtlenecks. If you don’t like dresses, this style also works with a jumpsuit or romper!

Collared Shirts

Speaking of collared shirts and tanks, it is also worth noting that using a collared shirt as a bottom layer is also a feature of the layering trend! Pair it with a tank, an oversized shirt, sweater, or sweater vest. No matter what, a pop of collar can really make a whole new outfit!

Shirts and Tanks


Pairing shirts and tanks has been quite a popular layering effect for the spring and warmer weather. Rather than wearing a simple tee, adding a cute tank on top can really dress up a basic outfit. Depending on the tank top, the aesthetic that is channeled is very different. Generally, it is a basic tank top on top of a basic tee or even a collared shirt, and the look can be combined with a cute skirt, flowy pants, or simple jeans.

Long Sleeves and Other Tops

Long-sleeve shirts are often used to layer under other tops, such as graphic tees, oversized shirts, tanks, dresses, etc. However, a specific version of this trend that has stuck after idols have worn similar looks is a striped long-sleeve under a short-sleeve tee. This style is sometimes associated with “e-boys and e-girls,” but it is also popular in K-fashion!

These are just a few examples of layering that has risen in K-fashion trends. It’s not new but has continued to be popular. So if you like it, be sure to hop on the bandwagon! There are many other ways to layer, and depending on the items chosen, the aesthetic can be totally different. Layering allows you to make many more outfits out of your wardrobe!

Would you personally try layering? If so, which one of the examples above would you try first? Let us know in the comments below.

Cover Image: k.ulzz
Written by Catherine Tai




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