Diget Ball Mint Chocolate 42g x3 - Daebak

Diget Ball Mint Chocolate 42g x3

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A mini size digestive cake full of wheat flavor wrapped in mint chocolate, one bite is just right!

What's Inside

  • Components: 3pcs Orion Diget Ball Mint Choco (42g)


Daijekugi [Flour (Wheat from USA), Whole Flour (Wheat from USA), Vegetable Oil, White Sugar, Refined Yarn Free], Mint Grim [Vegetable Oil (Malaysia), Kitasumthat (Sugar, Bottom), Skim Milk powder (crude milk domestically), lactose, emulsifier], two milk chocolate [white sugar, whole milk powder (made in France). Vegetable oil (Malaysia), cocoa mass 1, lactose], processed sugars, mixed preparation (shellac, insist). Contains wheat, milk and soy