[Pre-Order] My Mister OST (2LP) - Daebak

[Pre-Order] My Mister OST (2LP)

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Expected release date is March 21, 2023.

  • Orders containing pre-order items will be held until all items are released and available to ship together. There is also a slight chance that items may be out of stock during the pre-order period.
  • The outer case/box is simply for protecting goods. Damages such as scratches or discoloration on the case/box cannot be compensated.

Each album includes:

  • 2LP Black Vinyl 180g 
  • Gatefold Jacket
  • Lyrics Booket (4p)
  • Inserted Poster
  • Postcard Set (3ea)

In addition to the vinyl pressed in Germany after mastering and cutting at Abbey Road Studios in the UK, the gatefold jacket, lyrics booklet, and the autographed printed poster and postcard set are all printed in Germany. Hoping that it will be a special limited commemorative board that can retain a lasting impression.


※ Components and packaging
1) There may be minor dents, creases, stains, cracks, wrinkles, and pressed corners.
2) The inlay (inner sleeve) may be wrinkled or cracked due to contact with the disc.
3) Disc labels may not adhere smoothly during the process.

※ Disk error
1) The surface of the disc may be warped.
2) Occasionally, there are small scratches on the disc or the finish is not clean.

※ Color disc
1) Color discs may have color differences or unevenness in the process. 
2) The color disc may differ from the image on the site and the actual color.

My Mister OST (2LP)