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Jeon Somi - XOXO (1st Album) [KiT]

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Expected release date is on November 5, 2021.

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Each KiT album includes:

  • Package Box + Air KiT + Lyrics Photocard Set + Sticker + Magnet

What is a KiT album?

KiT album allows you to click the kit on a smart device and enjoy music without the need for a separate driving device. It is a convenient record product in a new form.

Track List:

02. XOXO
03. Don’t Let Me Go (feat. Giriboy)
04. Anymore
05. Watermelon
07. What You Waiting For
08. 어질어질 (Outta My Head)

Jeon Somi - XOXO (1st Album) [KiT]