2022 Happy Chuseok with Daebak

Happy Chuseok, Daebak Fam! Celebrate the major harvest festival, also known as Hangawi, with the best traditional Chuseok gifts and goodies from 9/7 12am ~ 9/13 11:59 pm (EST)! We also got freebies to give thanks to our Daebak Fam to let you enjoy the good harvest with us!

Chuseok Discounts!

* Daebak box membership deal
"DMA12" ➡️ 12% (Annual Subscriber)
"DMS7" ➡️ 7% (Seasonal Subscriber)

Chuseok Gift!

For all purchases get a Korean Traditional chopsticks set and a handwritten letter from our Daebak CEO!

Daebak Members Gift!

For new subscribers, we will gift new Daebak members with 1 pack of Sweet Red Bean Jelly Korea Theme Trip!