👻 Back from the Dead! Daebak Halloween 🎃

🎃 Event Period : 10/27 0:00am ~ 10/31 11:59pm (EST)

Everyone is here for the spooky season!👻 Halloween is celebrated on 31st October yearly with much joy and enthusiasm!

Celebrate Halloween with Daebak! From steady sellers, hot items and new arrivals, we have it all for you!

*Minimum order of $50 per purchase will be applied during the Halloween celebration.


Surprise Halloween Gift

Daebak's Timesale❗ K-character👻

Our exclusive time sale will feature different categories and items each day. "Back from the Dead" revives classic Daebak favorites and "New Arrivals" offers new items at a hot price! Don't miss this sale and check back everyday to see which items have been added!

Back from the Dead

🎃29% Off🎃
BT21 BABY Jelly Candy Mini Doll

New Arrivals

🎃25% Off🎃
BT21 BABY Fast Wireless Stand Charger

Daebak's Choice

Trick or Treat Set