Hanpass Is Daebak

What is Hanpass?

- Hanpass is a comprehensive one-stop remittance service designed to simplify and streamline the process of sending money internationally. With a user-friendly platform, Hanpass enables users to securely and conveniently initiate cross-border money transfers, catering to diverse financial needs. 

How do I get Hanpass?

- You can download and register through the app by clicking this link or scanning the code below.

Steps to Follow:

1. Register as a Member

Hanpass Membership (1/3)

Hanpass Membership (2/3)

Hanpass Membership (3/3)

***After signing up as a member, you can request for a Hanpass Card. 


2. Issue a Card - Hanpass Triple Card

Benefits of Hanpass Triple Card:

💳 Prepaid card (Debit card) using Hanpass Pay Wallet

💳 The strongest payment benefits in existence.

1. 3% cashback for overseas payments

2. 0.3% cashback for domestic payments

3. Overseas ATM withdrawal free of $3 is free (surcharge for each ATM is spearate)

💳 Payable in Overseas MASTER merchants (payable in domestic BC card merchants)

💳 You can check Korean won (KRW) at the time of card approval => Instant cashback payment

💳 ATM Withdrawals worldwide

💳 Useful for customers who need both overseas remittance and card payment (international students, overseas travelers, etc.)

💳 3% cashback benefits for overseas payments such as Netflix, Youtube, and Amazon in Korea

💳 Annual fee of KRW 10,000(Withdrawal from wallet on the 10th of the following month based on the issued date). 


Hanpass Card Application Method

Hanpass Card Application (1/3)

Hanpass Card Application (2/3)

Hanpass Card Application (3/3)


3. Register a Bank Account - Hanpass Pay Wallet

What is Hanpass Pay Wallet?

- It is an electronic wallet created after signing up for Hanpass. You can charge the balance in the wallet and use it for remittance and payment.

👉 User recharges the balance in their wallet

👉 Hanpass Card cashback is deposited into your wallet

👉 Other event rewards are deposited into the wallet (ex. Payback

event, etc.)

***The balance charged to the Hanpass Pay wallet is non-refundable. You can hold up to 2 million won in your wallet. 

NOTE: If you wish to withdraw from membership, you must exhaust your balance through domestic remittance or ATM withdrawal.


Register your Bank Account

Registration of Bank Account (1/2)

Register a Bank Account (2/2)

Registration of Virtual Bank Account

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