Trip to Jeju Island 🏝️

With spring quickly approaching, we've put together a collection inspired by the lovely sights, sounds, and taste of Jeju Island. Take a trip to Korea's largest island with Daebak and let's make some memories together!

Open from 2022/03/17 12AM ~ 2022/03/31 11:59PM (EST)



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The Sea of Jeju

Jeju Island is the largest and the most populous island in Korea. On each side of the island, from east to west are amazing views of the beautiful sea and mountains.


Camellias are beautiful and strong flowers that blossom in the winter and bring color to Jeju. They're typically used in many beauty products as they promote glowing skin, healthy hair and good health.

The Jeju Flavor

Jeju has a lot of things to try and taste. Hallabong and Mandarin are both very delicious and popular fruits with similar citrus tastes.

Udo Island

Udo is one of the most visited spots on Jeju. Udo literally translates to Cow Island. Because the outline looks like a cow lying down.We highly recommend trying the peanuts that cry on Udo Island! Let's have a taste of Jeju peanuts from Daebak!