Happy family month, Daebak Fam!

May is known as the family month in Korea. In celebration of the occasion, we prepared a very special collaboration with LIFLA. Known for "SHINEE Taemin's favorite candle", LIFLA makes hand-made soy candles with their signature scents. This time, Daebak participated in choosing the scent and decoration for the top of the candles thinking of the Daebak Fam. The gift set will be beautifully packaged with a "bojagi" to give a taste of Korea😊
There is also a set for those who can celebrate the month with their family and friends. Treat your mom and family for a special occasion!

LIFLA is Daebak

For Mom❤

Gift her

K-culture gift Set

For Family

Gift them

All kinds of mothers are Daebak

Here are the precious stories that Daebak Fam shared about their mothers. Daebak supports all kinds of mothers and they all deserves to be treated the best. Please join the movement by sharing yours in Daebak Family facebook group.

My mother was an incredible single mom until I was 12. She taught me that a mom is willing to sacrifice anything and everything to protect her kids. She taught us girls how to do basic repairs so that no one could ever say you need a man for this but also taught us to be humble enough to accept the help. She was and still is an incredible woman.
- Tiffany. F from Ohio

I grew up moving around a lot due to the military for part of my life. My mother turned every move into the best experience she could for my sister and I, and when my father was deployed she played the roles of mom and dad until he would get back. She never let on how much she worried for him and how much danger he was truly in until we were old enough to understand. As I’ve grown up she’s become my best friend and I try to think of what she would do in situations I may not have an answer too.
I’m now a mother (y’all at Daebak fam have seen Ollie’s face pop up in the group every so often) and my husband ended up joining the military after a lifetime of living in Hawaii. I joked to my mother that she trained me for this hahaha.
I try to be the best mother to my son as possible, make the moves as easy as I can, and help him to grow and learn new things each step of the way. I hope I can be at least a fraction of the mother my mama is! 
(Fun fact! To date my son is 3 1/2 y/o and we have moved a total of 5 times that doesn’t normally happen over a period of 2 1/2 years with the military, but there were some mix-ups haha. My son is a travel pro!)
- Sarah. A from Missouri

My mom and I argue a lot because we both so similar and disagree on somethings. That doesn't stop me from appreciating her though. She always have a job, she continue to pay bills to have roof over our head and food on the table when she got divorced with my dad. She going through a lot right now, but I still support her, yet there's somethings I disagree. I wouldn't trade my mom for anything.
- Kayloni. K from Arizona