Prelaunch Referral Program Terms

Program terms

A referral means an email signup, not a purchase.

Email Verification

Every participant will receive an email to verify their email address. Unverified emails will NOT be counted towards referrals. Only verified emails are counted towards referrals. Email addresses must be unique, valid, and existing. Only one email per person, per household, per IP address is allowed. If someone else uses the same IP address as you, that person will NOT receive a verification email. Participants who opt out of our emails will be excluded. Referrals from sweepstakes sites will be excluded.

Fraudulent Participants

Our system will not count emails that are fake, fraudulent, and duplicates. Bots will not be allowed. You must pass the captcha test to verify you are a human. 

Available Countries

Please note, this referral program is only available for countries that have access to

Third Party App

For this Prelaunch Referral Program, we use a fair, robust, and accurate third party application. The results you see are accurate and in no way manually manipulated. We will NOT reply to any emails or messages regarding the individual results of the program.

Prize shipment

Prizes are shipped (for FREE) around mid September, 2019. We are NOT responsible for customs fees if there are any. However, most countries will not charge any customs fees.

We reserve the right to disqualify any participant, at any time and for any reason.

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