Subscription Box Shipping and Handling

Subscriptions 📅

Daebak Box 🎁

Shipping rates 🚢

$9.99 USD shipping fee (per Daebak Box) countries and regions
Hong Kong, Japan, Macao, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Denmark, Switzerland, United States (excl. Puerto Rico)
$12.99 USD shipping fee (per Daebak Box) countries and regions
United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, New Zealand
$19.99 USD shipping fee (per Daebak Box) countries and regions
Estonia, Iceland, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Norway, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Philippines


Shipping countries 🌍

United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Hong Kong, Japan, Macao, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Denmark, New Zealand, Switzerland, Estonia, Iceland, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Puerto Rico, and Norway.


After your order starts being processed, it usually takes 3 to 20 business days to arrive.

Daebak Jewelry 💍💎

Shipping rates 🚢

$6.99 per box

Shipping countries 🌍

US (excl. Puerto Rico and Guam), Canada, Germany and United Kingdom


SnackFever 🍭🍬🍫

Shipping rates 🚢

$9.99 USD per box

Shipping countries 

Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Taiwan, United States (excluding Guam and Puerto Rico), Singapore.

Shipping schedule

Once a month. Your box will generally arrive within 2 to 4 weeks of order.


Shipping Delays and Possible Failed Delivery

  • In some cases, some orders may randomly be subjected to customs clearance procedures which can cause delays from the original estimated delivery time. 
  • You are liable for submitting the correct shipping address (in English characters only), name, and phone number. We are not responsible for undeliverable packages due to errors on the address or absentees at the moment of delivery. A tracking number is provided for every shipment to minimize any risk of lost packages. If the order returns to us because of customs or delivery problems and you would like it to be re-shipped, you will be responsible for all the shipping and handling fees (including the returned shipping fee The Daebak Company pays). If you would like a refund, we'll refund only the product price and will not include shipping and handling costs incurred at the time of purchase.

Customs and Tax

  • Our items are generally not taxed in most countries we ship to (except Europe). Please be aware that some countries have policies that restrict the import of certain cosmetics. In order to prevent any issues, please check your country's policies on shipping cosmetics because any shipping issues that may occur are the responsibility of the recipient. Depending on your country's customs and tax policies, there may be additional taxes and fees. We have no control over the process or additional charges associated with the delivery and importation of your order into your country. We do not benefit in any way from these charges. Please be sure to contact customs in advance to be sure of safe shipping and customs policy information.
  • If additional documents are needed for customs clearance, we will do our best to provide the necessary paperwork although this cannot be guaranteed.