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Cat Coloring Book Therapy

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Why don't you come to the Cat Village to play?
A town with the most adorable cats in the world'!

In [Coloring Now], cats who are having a pleasant daily life in various spaces appear. Colorful and pretty houses and shops, a plaza where everyone plays with fun, a library where you can always read books you want to read, a restaurant where you can eat fresh fish dishes, and a fishing spot where you can catch a variety of fish... A town with all the space that adorable cats need.
If you take a peek at the cat's daily life and color the hidden fairy tale stories, you will find' that you laugh and enjoy together in them. You can follow the order in the book, or visit a special place that catches your mind first. How about meeting your own special cat, a space like your own hideout, page by page with your favorite coloring tools such as colored pencils, paints, sign pens, and pastels? As a special appendix for the first edition, we also have handmade bookmarks, stickers, and postcards from author Grace J.

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