December Is A Special Month Earrings Set (handmade) - Daebak
December Is A Special Month Earrings Set (handmade) - Daebak
December Is A Special Month Earrings Set (handmade) - Daebak
December Is A Special Month Earrings Set (handmade) - Daebak

December Is A Special Month Earrings Set (handmade)

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Hello! It's Haefian birthday.!! 

12Wall Project'the last night of the day that comes every day' That's.!

already cold12Walda's coming.!
This12I brought the moon with me like a warm fairy tale.
I hope every day is like a fairy tale..

Monday-  Winter came when the cold air touched the tip of the nose.
My winter is warmer to be with you.. I walk this street holding your hand, and Christmas carol., You can see a fish-shaped bun with a small tree.  I like the beginning of winter with you..

Tuesday- [Tuesday like your flower] 

I hope flowers bloom again in your winter..
I think winter flowers are snow flowers.. Is there anything beautiful like a falling flower? I hope your daily life is like a flower..

Wednesday- Christmas Miracle.  
 On that day, many people want to see a lot of reading miracles.. The day when everyone is full of stars in their hearts..

Thursday- The day we sparkle together is one day
He's a charming Aurora.. It's not just one light, it'll shine on you more as you get the angle and light..

Friday- Night with Dawn Energy
I can hold hands with you this night., I love hugging you.. I hope this cold winter will go slowly and slowly..
It's a velvet lace product.. Silver and black don't look as cold as it is, but it's good to give you warmth.!

Saturday- in the midst of the silver lining of the light of the month.
Silver Cubics are the ones who come together..
He can make you feel like your eyes are twinkling..
Black velvet one-piece or off-shoulder is so pretty.!

Sunday-  a day when I don't want to do anything
He's a child with a shiny shadow like a shadow in the water.. I like her more than anything else because she is so unique.! A child who gets the feeling of being reflected in the sun in deep, deep water.! To change one's mood when one's mind is restless regardless of the season I think it'll be great to wear..

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