Hope You Have A Great Day Earrings Set (handmade) - Daebak
Hope You Have A Great Day Earrings Set (handmade) - Daebak
Hope You Have A Great Day Earrings Set (handmade) - Daebak
Hope You Have A Great Day Earrings Set (handmade) - Daebak

Hope You Have A Great Day Earrings Set (handmade)

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?? Happy_Unbirthday Happy birthday to you.??

' 9the month, May it be like today, not more than your daily life.'

Already9It's a project.! Chuseok is coming this month. 
I prepared for Chuseok.!

Fall, The sky is high, the clouds are pretty and the moon is
 I designed the weather according to it.!!

The fall that comes to you, I hope you have a beautiful Chuseok this year..??

Monday-The night sky of autumn is so beautiful.. High skies and beautiful clouds in autumn, And like the shining star and moon, tonight with you, I love the night I walk hand in hand.. I hope your Mondays are not tiring but shiny like stars and moons..

Tuesday- Your9May the moon shine like the night sky.. When I take a walk with night energy in the chilly autumn, the night sky shines brighter and makes me look more beautiful. 

Number- Like the flowers of autumn, there are many strange flowers in autumn.. Plain flowers quietly show off their beauty.. I hope it shines like a beautiful flower in the fall.

Neck-May your night shine like a month's light in the mirror. Moonlight came into my room riding on the autumn night window. The bright moonlight of the moon stayed in my mirror, and the reflected silver filled my room. Looking at my room full of silver, I thought of you. Like the light of the moon in the mirror, your night was shining brightly..
Gold- 9month, May it be like today, not more than your daily life.. Looking at you crying, Looking at you smiling, Seeing you upset?I always look at you and think about you so that it will be like today, not just your every day but also today, so that I can always be with you and protect you.. I can be a person who loves the energy around you.
Toe- Why is this night with you so wonderful and beautiful?. It's been a long and hard week, but the beginning of the weekend with you is the most beautiful and exciting day of my week.! Why is this night with you wonderful and beautiful?? always with me for a week6Will you join me on the first day??
Work- Thank you for your week., A week of joy and sadness to you, I gave you joy and anger. In it, you are shining the most right now during the week of growing up. Sparkling is your last week of your life, and then you have done a good job for the week of your life..

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