Only the two of us flower hair band

Only the two of us flower hair band

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Because it is a luxurious fabric, I brought a more beautiful hairband

Like embroidered

The natural pattern is attractive!


If you actually see it, the material and pattern are harmonized, so it is more luxurious.


When worn with a wide bandwidth, it holds all of the fine hair, so the practicality is the best!

 I have prepared a variety of colors from point loss colors to acceptable colors.


[Tip] Misunderstanding and truth about hair bands 

Many people come across a lot of reviews that the headband has a pain in the back of the ear or does not have too much power to hold it.

[Metal Hairband] and [Hood Hairband] are bands manufactured to be stretched or tightened to suit your head.

So, if you feel like using it instead of using it as you received it, you can increase it.

If you feel it is loose, just roll it inside.

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