[Pre-Order] MINO [TAKE] Brooch Set
[Pre-Order] MINO [TAKE] Brooch Set
[Pre-Order] MINO [TAKE] Brooch Set
[Pre-Order] MINO [TAKE] Brooch Set
[Pre-Order] MINO [TAKE] Brooch Set
[Pre-Order] MINO [TAKE] Brooch Set

[Pre-Order] MINO [TAKE] Brooch Set

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Expected release date is on November 30, 2020.

*There is a slight chance that this product may be out of stock during the reservation period.


  • It is a product that consists of 2 pin broochs and 1 pin badge of different sizes.

Size: Badge 2cm, Brooche 3~3.5cm (Approx. 60g)
Material: Brass, Resin, Silver Plating


  1. Using products such as moisture, sweat, perfume, hair spray, lotion, etc. may shorten the life of the plating and cause discoloration or make the original sparkle disappear.
  2. Please be careful when storing as the stone may fall out or the product may be damaged due to carelessness, pressing, or impact.

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