Running Man - Chow Crown Game - Daebak Box

Running Man - Chow Crown Game

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  • Only one will be crowned champion in this chow-chompin' contest. To win, catch all the spinning snacks before the song ends!

    What's Inside 

    • Component: 1 Running Man - Chow Crown Game
    • Size: 400 x 267 x 64 mm 

    How to assemble 

    1. Click the Arm Holder at the top of the Crown Base.
    2. Fit the Crown Front and Crown Back into the Base. To insert the Crown Front, line up the  marks on the back of the Crown

      Front with the ones on the inside ring of the Base. Press down until you hear the pieces click into place. Do the same with the Crown Back, lining up the I marks on the back of the Crown Back with the ones on the Base. The ends of the Crown Back sit behind the Crown Front.

    3. Snap the Jewels onto the Crown Front.
    4. On each end of the Head Strap (near where it's attached to the Base), fit the tab into the hole in the Base.
    5. Press firmly to snap each Fork into a Fork Arm.
    6. Attach a Fork Arm to each Crown Arm by sliding the skinny part of the Fork Arm through the slotted end of the Crown Arm. Pull the Fork Arm down and let it hang on any rung.

      Do not attach the Crown Arms to the Arm Holder yet. You'll do that after fitting the Crown to your head.

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