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Running Man - Don't Lose Your Cool Party Game

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A fun game to break the silence at the party can be played by two or more players. 

All you have to do is keep calm and play on. Sounds easy, right? But in the party game Don't Lose Your Cool, you've got a heart rate monitor on your forehead and other players testing your limits by dancing, singing, acting like a zombie, and close-talking, to name a few options.

What's Inside 

  • Component: 1 Running Man - Don't Lose Your Cool Party Game
  • Size: 267 x 279 x 81 mm

How to play 

If you're the player trying to keep your cool, you place the Cool-O-Meter on your head and press the button to calibrate it. The other players roll the three action dice to see what actions they must perform to make you lose your cool. When the Cool-O-Meter is ready, you'll hear a start sound, and the 30-second timer will automatically start. This is when the other players start their actions. It would be best if you kept your eyes open as you sit as calmly as you can. 

If you hear a winning sound, you've won, and you score a point. But if the lights on the Cool-O-Meter fly up to the top red one and the alarm goes off, you lose.