TWOTUCKGOM DIY Backpack Set - Daebak
TWOTUCKGOM DIY Backpack Set - Daebak
TWOTUCKGOM DIY Backpack Set - Daebak
TWOTUCKGOM DIY Backpack Set - Daebak
TWOTUCKGOM DIY Backpack Set - Daebak
TWOTUCKGOM DIY Backpack Set - Daebak


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Package :

  • Backpack (335 x 440 x 150 mm / Polyester, PVC)
  • Pouch (110 x 135 mm / Nylon)
  • Strap Keyring (25 x 180 mm / Polypropylene)
  • Patch (5ea, Rayon)
  • Badge (20 x 25 mm / Metal)
  • Broach (60 x 65 x 10 mm / Metal)

Special Item:

  • Monsta X Type A ID Card (60 x 90 x 15 mm / Silicon, PVC) 
* Jooheon 's ID Card will be replaced with Honeygom ID Card

The components of the set can be used separately or in combination with other products.

+ Backpack cut

(Navy and Black backpack front / side / back)

+ Pouch detail cut

(Left) TWOTUCKGOM Blue Pouch / (Right) TWOTUCKGOM Gray Pouch

+ Brooch detail cut

+ 5 types of patch, strap key ring, metal badge, Type A ID card

+ Detail 1

This is a practical backpack for carrying a variety of belongings such as notebooks, books and planners.

+ Detail 2

Lightweight and ample storage space makes it easy to use for short or long trips.