5 Reasons Why Kang Tae Oh in "Extraordinary Attorney Woo" Is a Ten

5 Reasons Why Kang Tae Oh in

If you’re a big fan of good kdramas, you’ve probably watched Extraordinary Attorney Woo and even listened to the kdrama ost album. The Netflix’s kdrama tells the story of a young lawyer who has Asperger's Syndrome pursuing a career in a law firm. 

And, of course, there is a pretty obvious reason (besides the excellent cast and story development) why law romantic comedy drama has a lot of attention. The reason is the attractive and thoughtful Hanbada employee played by Kang Tae Oh. 

Who is Kang Tae Oh?

Kim Yoon Hwan, born on June 20, 1994, and better known in the kdrama world as Kang Tae Oh, is a South Korean actor and singer. He belongs to the group 5urprise, composed only of actors such as Yoo Il, Seo Kang Joon, Gong Myung, and Tae Hwan.

Since his debut in 2011, Kang Tae Oh has starred in 23 k-dramas, including leading, supporting, and cameo roles. Extraordinary Attorney Woo is not the only Kang Tae Oh kdrama you can watch on Netflix. You can also stream  “Love is the goal,” “Because It’s My First Love,” “Run On,” and “39." It should be noted that, in this last mentioned Korean series, he only makes a cameo in chapter 11.

In addition to the ones you find on Netflix, other popular titles in his portfolio  are “The tale of Nokdu” and “Doom at your service.”  But that’s not all. To the surprise of his fans, he recently created his Tiktok account: @75taeoh on August 21 and already has more than 2 million followers. 

5 Reasons Why We Love Kang Tae Oh in Extraordinary Attorney Woo

His superb acting as Lee Jun-ho in Extraordinary Attorney Woo made us all swoon over his incredible acting and character. Here are our top 5 Kang Tae Oh moments that we love in the Kdrama series. 

His Love languages

The personality that his character has during the development of the series is simply incredible. From the beginning, Jun-Ho was kind, gentlemanly, and attentive to Woo Young-woo before and after realizing his true feelings toward Attorney Woo, played by Kdrama actress Park Eun-bin. 

He listens and attentively observes Young Woo to provide the best support she needs. These moments let us know that love combines respect and care. Plus, he tries to be responsive and respects her authority in a way that creates a balance toward a better relationship at work and in personal matters.

He indeed is a walking green flag.

An Active Listener

Listening to whale stories may be too much for some, but for Jun Ho, he enjoys these cute moments with Young Woo. He was willing to listen to her love for whales and helped her as she tried to have a better relationship with others by communicating with her daily. 

His kind heart is not only because of Young Woo's needs but you can also see throughout the series how he supports everyone in the law firm. Jun Ho is a people person, sympathetic, and helps anyone in need in the law firm. 

As his feelings develop for Young Woo, he enjoys their story time even more and cherishes these moments. He became even more attentive and actively responded to her assistance, whether at work or during their moments together. 

Committed and Values Quality Time

Young Woo has a strict rule from her father: She must not converse about whales at work. No matter how much the lawyer wants to discuss whales or express her candid thoughts, Jun-Ho willingly offers to talk and listen about it whenever they are together.

During lunchtime, they talk about her favorite animal, whales, which helps her control herself from speaking about them during work. Jun Ho shows what most people would want from relationships: the commitment to quality time and communication.

Confidence Booster

In episodes 3 and 4, the lawyer loses confidence in herself as a professional after a prosecutor attacks her autism. Though in episode 4, she helped her friend GueRami with a legal conflict. But she was still unsure about her skills.

On their way back from Geu-Ra-Mi's place, Jun-Ho asks why she wants to resign at the beach. Jun Ho immediately told her how good she was and how he would like to work with her at his side because she's extraordinary in what she does.

Unwavering Love

All of us were the happiest when they finally kissed! Every time we saw a date between Lee Jun-Ho and Woo Young-Woo, we can't help but smile at how adorable they were together. 

Jun Ho continued to accompany her in whatever activity she needed and wanted to do, regardless of the criticism or prejudice of some people. We must highlight his commitment and love to Young Woo when he defended her after his family opposed their relationship.  

@tingkeobel Normalize being single until you find your own Jun Ho ☝🏻🐳#extraordinaryattorneywoo ♬ suara asli - ㅎ

Kang Tae Oh in Extraordinary Attorney Woo is the ultimate partner we would love to be with! Tell us your favorite Jun Ho moments in the comments. 

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