VIVIZ Rum Pum Pum: Review and Where to Buy VIVIZ Merch!

VIVIZ Rum Pum Pum: Review and Where to Buy VIVIZ Merch! - The Daebak Company

VIVIZ Rum Pum Pum comes three months after the girl group’s second mini-album, Summer Vibe! The new song Rum Pum Pum is a special collaboration with the global fandom platform, UNIVERSE, where the girls present their powerful vocals and grand energy… so continue reading to find out more!

VIVIZ Rum Pum Pum Review

VIVIZ’s new song Rum Pum Pum will fill you with lots of energy with a catchy chorus and strong beats. The song can be described as a refreshing pop song with traces of R&B style… just my type of song, how about you?

The global fandom platform UNIVERSE has collaborated with various K-pop artists, such as MONSTA X and ATEEZ, on new songs, which were also really fun to listen to! VIVIZ Rum Pum Pum is UNIVERSE's 27th song collaboration, and it's definitely a track I'll be listening to all week!

Listen to VIVIZ Rum Pum Pum below!

Rum Pum, Rum Pum Pum~  …The catchy chorus is stuck in your head too, right? ;)

VIVIZ appear in the Rum Pum Pum music video preview as otherworldly queens with their stunning visuals and bright colours which appeal to the eyes. The three members shine in their magnificent white and gold dresses, as Umji, Eunha and SinB feature accents of green, red, and blue respectively.

Watch the VIVIZ Rum Pum Pum Official Music Video Preview below!

Where to watch full VIVIZ Rum Pum Pum MV?

The full VIVIZ Rum Pum Pum music video is available to watch now on the UNIVERSE app. It is app-exclusive until Tuesday 1st November when the full Rum Pum Pum MV will be available on VIVIZ’s official YouTube channel!

When will the full VIVIZ Rum Pum Pum MV be released on YouTube?

The full VIVIZ Rum Pum Pum MV will be released on YouTube on Tuesday 1st November 2022.

About VIVIZ Members

The girl group formed under BPM Entertainment consists of three former GFriend members: Eunha, SinB, and Umji. The Korean pronunciation of VIVIZ is “bi-bi-ji”, which denotes each of the three members’ names:

Eunha (Jung Eun-bi), SinB (Hwang Eun-bi), and Umji

…The group name is so perfect!

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Cover Photo from Twitter @ksjmints


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