7 Character-Themed Cafes in South Korea You Should Visit

7 Character-Themed Cafes in South Korea You Should Visit - The Daebak Company

Cafes are traditionally a quiet place to sip a cup of coffee while you get some work done or have a light snack while meeting with a friend. With themed cafes increasing in popularity and so many to choose from, how do you pick one? If you’re looking for a unique cafe that’s more vibrant and fun, then you should check out these character-themed cafes in South Korea.

7 Character Themed Cafes in South Korea

Remi Cafe

Japanese anime Ojamajo Doremi (Magical DoReMi) has become popular in South Korea, thus creating the Remi Cafe. To give a little background of the anime Magical DoReMi, they are a group of elementary school girls and witch apprentices who worked hard to become full witches. The characters must also go to the trouble of hiding their powers, only with magical mishaps!

You don't have to worry about recurring wizardly troubles at the Remi Cafe. But those with a sweet tooth, beware! It is one of the themed cafes in Korea offering a dose of sweetness from the menu, and the decor may make you indulge a little too much! You can also spot little wizard Remi and friends as their mascots!

You can live out your dreams of feeling like a magical girl in this lovely cafe in Hongdae! You can get delicious food and props to play with and truly have a fantastic themed cafe in South Korea experience!

Ryan Cafe

If you are a fan of KAKAO Friends, you can visit the famous Korean characters in one of the themed cafes in Korea! 

Ryan Cafe is a themed cafe by KAKAO made for the cute lion character. You can see his huge displays of Ryan and more of his KAKAO Friends too! 

If you are going to Hongdae, you can make Ryan Cafe part of your South Korea travel guide to themed cafes in South Korea. 

Ryan is the cafe's main decor theme, but his design's cuteness justifies it! You can also take a photo of yourselves or your friends with giant Ryan statues throughout the cafe. Since it is a themed cafe, you can also enjoy delicious themed drinks and treats of Ryan.

Ryan Cafe also showcases other popular characters from the KAKAO Friends who have since become famous from their release as emoticons in 2021.

Le Chantreville Cafe

Le Chantreville Cafe gives themed cafe fans a trip to their childhood with many character references to their food and decor!

Most desserts this cafe offers have Peanuts characters, especially Snoopy. You can also find Sesame Street's Elmo and Cookie Monster on cakes, making it even more delicious by adding cookies—double yum!

You can find the sweet and sugary cafe in Jung-gu, Daegu, which is a beautiful addition to your South Korea travel guide for theme cafes in South Korea. 

They make beautifully decorated cakes for any occasion, both simple and character designs! It is one of the go-to themed cafes in Korea with amazing desserts. 

Have you ever seen the 1996 film, Matilda? If so, we're sure you remember wishing as a child to have some of that delicious chocolate cake that Bruce got to eat... Well, you're in luck! Le Chantreville has got you covered!

You can even ask them to decorate a cake how you like it! It is the best way to get your favorite character on your favorite dessert. From Sesame Street to Peanut characters, the Le Chantreville Cafe has every character you love. 

동성로 stove

While in the Jung-gu district, you might as well check out this cafe dedicated to the Peanuts characters and hang out with Charlie and the gang!

You can enjoy not just cakes with their faces on them, but thick pancakes shaped like your favorite duo with strawberries and cream!

Perhaps with an ice cream cone and a handful of halved cherries...

...Or on their own with syrup, Nutella, butter, or whipped cream! A delicious way to start your day! There’s even cheesecake that looks like a slice of cheese!

동성로 stove is a quiet and relaxing café to enjoy all these delectables. The decor is simple and fresh, perfect for getting some work done or having a deep conversation.

Hello Kitty Cafe

Jeju Island, most famous for its green tea, has a cafe dedicated to the Japanese character Hello Kitty!

The Hello Kitty Cafe is one of the themed cafes in South Korea to a famous character. The drinks look mouthwatering, and the cafe also serves them adorable cups! 

You can enjoy a piece of cake and wash it down with Hello Kitty latte art!

The decor of this themed cafe in Jeju will have the Hello Kitty die-hard fans screaming—it’s just so enchanting!

If you’re a fan of green tea and Hello Kitty, include this themed cafe in your Jeju Island travel list of themed cafes in Korea. 

Moomin & Me

The Moomin & Me cafe is one of the themed cafes in South Korea located in Seoul, centered around the famous Korean characters from the Swedish book and comic series, Mumintroll (Moomin), created by Trove Jannson. It also was adapted into a TV series in the 1960s and has kept evolving into the series we know today!

Moomin is a unique made-up character who resembles a hippo, making dishes more fun by adding his unforgettable appearance to them!

You don’t have to worry about eating alone, for you can always have one of the characters keep you company!

Cafe Majo & Sady

Majo and Sady are the main famous Korean characters of a webtoon created in 2010 about a married couple and is still as popular as when it was first released. Majo is a stay-at-home husband who loves and obeys his wife Sady's every command. It explores the ups and downs of marriage and this couple's love and relationship!

You can enjoy an Americano with cotton candy and a scoop of ice cream! Along with a side of toasted marshmallows in one of the best themed cafes in Korea!

Perfect for breakfast dates with friends or that special someone!

It is also one of the perfect themed cafes in South Korea for desserts! You could share or have it all to yourself!

There are many character-themed cafes in South Korea, especially in Seoul, leaving many options to choose from when you visit! Each cafe offers something different and unique, making every visit memorable! 

There's a cafe for every person's favorite Korean character and treats. Decide where you want to go based on your favorite characters, and have a great time sipping coffee and eating sweets!

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