3 Korea Underground Shopping Malls You Should Visit Today

3 Korea Underground Shopping Malls You Should Visit Today - The Daebak Company

From fashion and food to official kpop merch, South Korea is a treasure trove for almost anything. It's no wonder there are so many Korea shopping malls! But how about taking a unique shopping experience with high-end department stores from Korea underground shopping malls!

Get to Know South Korea Underground Shopping Malls

You might be wondering how you can get to the underground malls in Korea. Typically located near subway stations, underground shopping entails stores selling items at affordable prices, from clothing to shoes or even Kpop merchandise.

Apparel and items are usually sold in open-spaced rooms or small stores where credit cards are not always accepted. You can find trendy fash-fashion pieces and other things around the $10 range. Many vendors also sell fake designer pieces for prices that can be bargained with. Most underground shopping stores and malls in South Korea are open year-round, excluding holidays. Check out the rest of this article to find out about hotspots underground!


3 Underground Korean Malls You Must Visit

Gangnam Station Underground Shopping Center

Gangnam Station Underground Shopping Center attracts many people in their 20s, where many fashionable items can be bought at reasonable prices. The underground Korea shopping center is connected to Gangnam Station by Seoul Subway Line 2, Shinbundang Line. Open from 9 am to 11 pm, this mall has many items and jewelry to check out. 

The Korea shopping mall has around 200 stores and is known to fit “Gangnam Style” with many options for stylish clothing! This station is at a prime location as there are also lots to do in Gangnam, a tourist spot.

The next showcasing of a mall is provided by the channel of Wind Walk Travel Videos as the camera slowly goes around Gotomall, making it one of the best shopping malls in Seoul, Korea.

Goto Mall or Gangnam Terminal Underground Shopping Center

Not to be confused with the Gangnam Station Underground Mall, Gangnam Terminal Underground Shopping Center or Goto Mall is another option near the Express Bus Terminal Station by Seoul Subway Line 3, 7, and 9. 

Goto Mall is one of the most shopping malls in Seoul, South Korea, that has clothes for every gender or age but is known for its youthful female clothing, artificial flowers, and cafes. Shinsegae Department Store is near as well for more expensive tastes. Operating hours for both these underground malls are from 9 am until 11 pm. The Korea underground mall is perfect for those interested in the latest fashion trends!

COEX Starfield Mall

Starting off with the view of kpop billboard signs commonly seen in subways, Seoul Trip Tv introduces COEX mall.

COEX Starfield Mall is the biggest underground mall in Asia and has attractions such as an open library with 50,000 books, an aquarium, and casinos. There are five plazas of Central, Live, Millennium, Asem, and Airport. Out of the 154,000 square meters, 144,000 are on one level underground. COEX can be found through Samseong Station by Seoul Metro Line 2 at intersecting Teheranno. 

More than a hundred shops are in the mall, and unlike others on the list, this mall features more commonly labeled brands with higher price points. This building was built in 1997 and finished in 2000, costing around $150 million to construct. Many different events and shows are held in this space as well. 

As opposed to other underground shopping malls, COEX is open all year round and a little later, from 10:30 am until 10 pm. This mall is good for those who want a mix of high-end stores and well-known brands. 

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