Merry Christmas with Daebak: Holiday Gift Guide!

Merry Christmas with Daebak: Holiday Gift Guide! - The Daebak Company

It’s the most wonderful time of the year~♪ Along with almost reaching 2022, the biggest holiday of the year, Christmas, is soon within a few weeks! One of the most exciting parts of Christmas is exchanging gifts for loved ones! And for those of you who are struggling with what to get as their gift or haven’t gotten any presents yet, here are some suggestions that you can get your friends and family for Christmas gifts!

Merry K-popmas!

For those who are K-pop fans, there is always excitement waiting for you with all the comebacks and performances. However, the best part of holiday season for K-pop stans are the season’s greetings and holiday season goods 😏 So many K-pop groups has different and creative themes for season’s greetings and holiday boxes that make you want to buy every version.  

Homebody Collection

Spao is one of the biggest clothing brands in Korea! Spao is known to have had lots of collaborations with other brands or even movies in the past. To name a few, their Harry Potter, Blackpink, and Parasite collaboration received much love from people! For this year’s Christmas, Spao has collaborated with the movie Home Alone, releasing limited versions of Christmas pajamas, robes and room shoes to keep you guys cozy this holiday season!

Holiday Mukbang Collection

Brrr! Once Christmas is soon, we also realize that winter is here. While you wait for snow for this Christmas, prepare some foods and drinks to keep you warm! For this year, why not replace hot cocoa with Kanu coffee mixes that have a variety of flavors such as vanilla, mint choco and tiramisu? As well as replacing mac n cheese with Korean ramen such as sesame, Samyang and black bean sauce ramen?😋

*3 types of ramens that are very popular in Korea*

What do you think about our Christmas gift guide? Do you already feel the warmth and coziness? If you have not tried any of these products before, I am sure that it would be a great experience to have for this holiday! There are also many special holiday products available in Daebak's website, so check those out, too! 

Merry Christmas, Daebak Fam!!!

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