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Korean tacos. Just hearing the words makes your mouth water! Korean tacos are a Korean-Mexican fusion dish popular especially in urban areas of the United States. Similar to other different Korean fusion dishes, Korean tacos stay true to both cultures, but with a delicious twist.

The popularity of the dish can be traced to Kogi Korean BBQ, a food truck in Los Angeles, California. Kogi is most known for their “world-famous” short rib taco, and they also offer Korean burritos and quesadillas that are also worth the hype. The food truck definitely has a very special menu, including a sriracha chocolate bar as dessert. Overall, every item is very unique, and it is from here that a surge of Korean taco trucks started to appear and gain popularity.


The street food-originated dish consists of different Korean-styled fillings such as bulgogi, marinated meats, and kimchi in a small traditional Mexican tortilla. The Korean-inspired taco can also be topped with different sauces and items to create an amazing party in your mouth with each bite.


Taco ingredients vary based on personal preference, and some of the fillings are also common in classic Korean dishes. For instance, there are bulgogi and other different marinated meats like steak, chicken, and pork; but you can also just get tofu! The tastes generally have a light smoky flavor and slight caramelization that will also remind you of Korean barbeque. There you have a rich taco, sometimes with a squeeze of lime that perfectly embodies the Korean-Mexican fusion. You can make your own easily and there are many recipes online with a short preparation and cooking time!


The Korean taco has stayed continuously popular from the time of its creation. As reported as one of the four famous dishes first made in L.A. in 2013 by The Hollywood Reporter, the creation does not disappoint its fans. Would you try making your own or trying out some Korean tacos? Have you ever tried a Korean taco? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Catherine Tai

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